It's go time!
It's go time! by Hell_Bender

A dark level consisting of some kind of warehouse or production plant. The level's theme visually is very weak with a poor choice of textures, lighting and details. Unless you have the mapmedia.pk3 you will even experience a few missing textures.

The gameplay is mostly very tight, leading to the 4 Rocket Launchers being very powerful weapons due to splash damage. There are also 3 Red Armours, 2 Regens and an Invisibility to be found in the darkness. A number of simple mazes of creates make up a chunk of the level, which will force the player to twist through to reach an item or to simply find their way out of in order to find someone to shoot at. There are a few very poor areas of construction. A prime example is a group of steps which require you to jump up the first one. Level design features like these lead to a very poor gameflow and gameplay experience.

Interestingly, due to the darkness of the level, the Invisibility can make a player easier to spot, not harder!

Bots play the level without issue but fail to navigate the maze areas to reach a few items. Also, because of the tightness of the arena, they are very easy to predict.

Best to skip this level.

Tigs notes: The original review contained two lines. While these two lines where in fact accurate, they where also not very informative or constructive. Because of this, the review was replaced with the one above. (14th May, 2011)

Ranked: 1.6 out of 5 (6 votes)

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