Blobby Goo
Blobby Goo by Fusion

A map with many strong points; creative level design, custom textures, consistent and well done lighting, very good custom bots, new sounds, impeccable construction, and even its own HTML help file! I especially liked the little atrium windows with the alien flower beds. Unfortunately, an error in the .arena file prevents the map from showing up in the menu for FFA.

The layout is very linear with a single level doom style construction. All the fighting is done in very small open areas and hallways. This is not really conducive to free flowing fragging. Game play is always mixed with looking for a weapon that someone just took and/or protecting the RL. Bots play ok. They seem to have some problems with the GL room due to the restricted space below it.

Worth a look – especially for the Easter Eggs.

Reviewed by Brad 'notime' Kiefer

Ranked: 3.8 out of 5 (20 votes)

Download: Blobby Goo by Fusion