Revenge At The Gates Of Hell
Revenge At The Gates Of Hell by Excelsiore

This tribute to Q3Tourney3 (one of my personal favourites) gets the job done. The main addition is that of a third level, adding some much needed vertical action to the original. The texturing is quite nice - with the noticeable exception of an over-used red trim that becomes overwhelming. Unfortunately, the lighting makes this map fall flat on the looks category; while some areas are fine, the main floor is monotonous. Bots navigate nicely and give you a run for your money. Some nice changes include the swapping in of the Battle Suit to a Regeneration, a better-suited powerup, and the reduction of hellfog.

If you liked the original it's definitely worth a go, just don't let the lighting get to you.

Reviewed by Octovus.

Patch - A small pak file can be downloaded that fixes the missing textures problem. (8.Dec.01)

Ranked: 3.8 out of 5 (8 votes)

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