The Garden
The Garden by Dagheti

A version of that perennial favourite amongst mappers, the industrial atrium. Three small atria with three altitudes apiece are wrapped together in a complex combination of short stairs, walkways and a couple of jump pads. A pair of semi-linked teleporters allow transition from the very lowest to the highest altitude in the map. All weapons are present ( except the BFG ). Although intended for tournament, FFA works with small numbers. Play is slow and methodical during tourney, fast and furious with more bodies in the map. During FFA, the twinned teleporters attracted the most confrontations.

The brush and texture work is extremely simple, the majority of the level resolved in an attractive, if rather bland, steely-blue. Almost no shaders are used, and there aren't even item-marking textures beneath the weapons - just a flat gray square for one Yellow Armour. The clean, ascetic style yields the highest framerate I've had in a Quake 3 map, so perhaps the design is optimised for speed. There are a couple of very minor clipping issues, beside the Megahealth and behind the YA pad. Bots play the map well, whatever their favoured weapon, and managed to ambush me on a number of occasions. Good for low-spec deathmatch, although there's not much new on offer here; other maps achieve more with the same ideas.

Basic, but playable.


Ranked: 3.5 out of 5 (9 votes)

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