MonkHell by Slater & Europa

First of all, this map doesn't have a full Vis. I realize I could just disqualify it for this, but I think this point needs to be addressed. My guess is that Q3MAP.EXE crashed without the -fast option right? This is because the Vis data is too large. How is this fixed then? Make all of those non-structural brushes (bookcases and other stuff) detail brushes (CTRL+M in Radiant). On my PIII 666 this map ran at an average of 11 FPS. This is just unacceptable. The items are also too plentiful. One room gave me 58 rockets, 94 grenades, 188 health and 186 armor by the time I left it. Another area has two invisibility power-ups within steps of Quad. The ambience of the map would be great if not for the playability flaws.

Don't grab this map in such a state. Hopefully the authors will re-visit and revise this one.

Reviewed by BadMonkey

Ranked: 2.5 out of 5 (1 votes)

Download: MonkHell by Slater & Europa