Simple Rockets!
Simple Rockets! by Europa

The name of this map fits it pretty well. The map consists of two rooms connected by a staircase on each side. Strewn throughout the level are rocket launchers galore, turning the game play into a gibfest. Unfortunately, the author thought it would also be a good idea to throw a few Invisibilities in the map. This starts to get annoying when the rockets seem to come from nowhere at you. As for aesthetics, the architecture is blocky, and the textures are your standard iD gothic set. The lighting goes from being completely black in some areas, to being all washed-out in others. Game play is decent if you can get about 8-10 bots in it, but it dulls after a short time. Bot play is good besides the fact that they can get stuck on trim due to the lack of clipping.

A simple fragfest level that is not worth it.

Reviewer - wviperw.

Ranked: 3.5 out of 5 (5 votes)

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