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------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------ Leviathan Ver. 1.0 ------------------------------------------------------------------ Title : Leviathan Filename : map_leviathan.pk3 bsp : leviathan.bsp Release Date : 30.04.2001 Author : Andreas "MopAn" Spitzer Email Address : **email removed** Description : Middlesized Quake III Arena CTF-Map ------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- I. Instructions: ------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 ) Extract map-leviathan.pk3 into your ~/Quake3/baseq3 directory 2 ) Start Quake 3 Arena 3 ) The new map leviathan will be accessible from the menu single player: choose single player -> skirmish -> CTF -> leviathan multiplayer: choose multiplayer -> CTF -> leviathan II. Play Information ------------------------------------------------------------------- Gametype + Settings : CTF Number of players : 4 vs 4 / 5 vs 5 Bot Support : Bots are fully supported Weapons : 4 Rocket Launcher, 4 Railgun, 1 Lightning Gun, 1 Plasma Gun, 5 Grenade Launcher, 2 Shotgun Powerups : none Holdable Items : 1 Teleporter Armor : 2 Armor_body, 25 Armor_shard III. Construction ------------------------------------------------------------------- Base : CTF-Map, new from scratch Editor used : Q3Radiant Ver. 202 Latest Q3 Arena Version : 1.27h Brushes : 2692 Entities : 336 Compile machine : Duron 750, 128mb RAM, GeForce256. Q3Map compile time : at fullvis; vis: 17 min. / light: 45 min. Tools : Q3 Build, XFader, Photoshop, Terragen Building time : approx. seven weeks, every day min. 3-5 hours r_speed : max. approx. 9,800 Previous Works : -Quake3Arena- a) roomdm (small double-boxed DM-map) b) starlight (middlesized ctf-map) IV. Known Bugs ------------------------------------------------------------------- --> Not known yet V. General Information and discussion ------------------------------------------------------------------- This is my third official map. I was inspired by the huge UT-map named 'Kosov' made by Innox. A big problem was the use of textures wich produces an similar atmosphere, somehow that you are between ruins of a fallen culture or something like that. The standard textures of Q3Radiant didn't help here and I had to take home-made or custom textures. To create this atmosphere I chose an architecture that looks like roman or greek. Some elements and ideas coming from photos of the ruins of Petra, an old town wich was the center of trade in Arabia 2000 years ago. The soundtrack of 'Gladiator' wich was my continual incidental musik did the rest. Another problem was the size of the map because Q3 isn't very liberal with that. It is really hard to think over the r_speed at every action or brush placement. I think in the future it would be very great to creat very huge areas like thoses in UT too. Then we would have both: An excellent 3D engine and a maximum of mobility for the actors. The time of that you walk most of the time through a tight corridor is really over. I hope you will enjoy this map and ey: Frag it! Thanx for attention and reading VI. Credits -------------------------------------------------------------------- Special thanx to Martina for ideas, inspiration and discussion. Thanx to Andrea for patience during the hours of construction when she had to speak with my back night and day in the week. Thanx and greetings to the members of quake3world discussion forum, the helping frontier. This map is dedicated to the sound of Hans Zimmer + Lisa Gerrard, Soundtrack from 'Gladiator': Strength and Honor! Greetings to all of you who love to play and to create 3d-worlds --Thanx to the following people, tools, programs and what ever-- -Textures+Models- --> Textures 'Church_wall_trim + Church_wall_trim2' were taken from UnrealED 2.0 --> Texture Plant_teich was taken from 'Nature' - tutorial downloadable under www.claudec.com --> Special thanx to Todd Ganztler for 'Plant Model Pack I', a few Plant-models were taken from that: multiplant.pk3 - .md3, texture, and shader files by Todd Gantzler Copyright (c) 2000 i.am/professorQ3 -Shader- --> Shader for glass_blue1, glass_red1 and glass_both comes from Todd "Mr.CleaN" Rose used in map 'Last Rites'. -Sounds- --> crow.wav and wolfhowl02.wav from Sean Edwards --> evening_ambience.wav, waterfall02.wav from Death2uall --> frogs.wav, mosquito.wav and zirpen1 from ENTE (map padpool) at www.padman.de --> All other textures that I haven't made and were used in leviathan are free available at: a) www.zoorender.com b) textures.forrest.cz c) www.saturn.online.de...v_main_native.htm d) www.graphtallica.ingava.com another important link is: d) www.3dlinks.com (Sorry because of my bad english, I'm a german mapper) -------------------------------------------------- !If you review this map, please send me a note! !Your feedback about this map will be appreciated! -------------------------------------------------- VII. Copyright Notices and Permission -------------------------------------------------------------------- This level is by 2001 Andreas Spitzer, all rights reserved. All commercial use of this map is prohibited unless you have my explicit permission. This includes, but is not limited to, mass archival as on a cd-rom and inclusion in commercially published compilations (books and/or magazines). You are not allowed to distribute this work on compact- and floppy-disk or other electronic storage for commercial use. Copyright 2001 Andreas Spitzer All rights reserved.
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