Aerowalk (2)
Name: Aerowalk
Filename: aeroq2.bsp
Created for Q2 by: Mattias Konradsson
Converted to Q3A by: Roddy "Bunker" Douglas

*** Great Lighting in this map, the conversion was flawless from this very
well made map... a great map to show off your video card... ***

this is a FFA & Tourney map

Just unzip this file into your Quake III Arena\baseq3 directory...

Select the map from the list, or pull down the console and type the following...
/map aeroq2

Deathmatch: yes (4-6 players is great!)
tourney : you betcha!
ctf : Nope

Origional Info
Title : AeroWalk
Filename : aeroq2.bsp
Date of Release : April 11, 1998
Author : Mattias Konradsson
Nick : Preacher
Email Address : **email removed**
Website :
Description : mediumsized level made with 1on1 in mind.