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FS Arena2
by Futo
FS Arena2

Description : Quake3Arena Tourney-level
Author : Futo
Email address : **email removed**

Date : April 4, 2001
Update : April 8, 2001

play information
Game type : Tounament(only 1 to 1)
Bot File (aas) : yes
new shaders : no
new sounds : no
new graphics : no
new music : no
new models : no

how to play
place fs3dm3.pk3 in your /QuakeIII Arena/baseq3 Folder
start quake3arena
hit ~
type /map fs3dm3
type /addbot
hit ~ (to clear the console)

texturebase : gothic
editor : GtkRadiant1.1TA-Beta
know bugs : none
platform used : Athlon1GHz, 256MB RAM, GeForce2MX 32MB

Copyright / Permissions
Copyright (2000) by Futo. All rights reserved.

Enjoy and thank you.

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