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..::LvL & PlanetQuake Pack 2: The Top Peg
--------------------------------------------------6.june.2001-- ..::LvL/PlanetQuake Map Pack #2 - The Top Peg i, what to do ii, single play support iii, authors and maps iv, running a server v, who did this? vi, some info vii, thanx, credits viii, copyright info ----what to do------------------------------------------------- Extract the contents of lvl-pq-pack2.zip to your Quake III Arena folder with directory structures. Do NOT overwrite your pak0.pk3 file, the one included should be extracted to a 'lvl-pq-pack2' folder. Start multiplayer game as per normal. In 'Skirmish' mode some levels will only appear in the 'Tourney' menu, others only in the 'Free For All'. If you wish to play the maps as a Single Player Mission see below for more info. ----single play support---------------------------------------- When you have unzipped the contents of lvl-pq-pack2.zip you also created a lvl-pq-pack2 folder that will allow you to play all the levels in a Single player Tier. If you want to "record" your stats and progress through the 2 tiers, you need to start the game with "+set fs_game lvl-pq-pack2". For Windows users, you can use the included "lvl-pq-pack2.bat" (for standard Quake3) or "lvl-pq2-ioquake3.x86.bat" for IOQuake3 users. Mac and Linux users will need work out how to do this. While you can use the Quake 3 menu system to select the mod and start the single player mission, your "stats" and tier progress is NOT recorded this way. Bot play is not great on all the maps, but its better than nothing :] ----authors and maps------------------------------------------- * peccary of destiny by unitool (unitooldm4) * Scrap Metal ][ by Bal by nunuk (Bal3dm4) * Aerowalk by the Hubster (hub3aeroq3) * Dismemberment by The Hubster (hub3dm1) * H2SO4 by Krash (KtSdm3) * Vertigo by Sai-KO (saiko_tourney1a) * Gothic Rage by Quaker-X (qxtourney1) * Tribute to n1*dK by DruZli (cpm11) * Wicked (cpm1a) by FxR|jude and Decker (cpm1a) * GrindMill by [Kona] (alkdm06) * Disinformation by Bal (bal3dm3) * Reloaded by Yogi (yog3dm2) ----running a server------------------------------------------- Also included are two map cycle files for server admins. The first is for a standard server (lvl-pq-2.cfg). The second is for OSP servers (lvl-pq-2-osp.cfg); If you currently run a server you will know what to do with these. If you are new to it all, start your server and type the following at the console (for standard Q3A); \exec lvl-pq-2.cfg If you are running OSP then I'm assuming you will know how to use the lvl-pq-2-osp.cfg file. This will start the map cycle and set the timelimit at 15 minutes with a fraglimit of 50. After a lot of play testing I've found this to be a very comfortable set-up for a LAN or an online server. ----who did this?---------------------------------------------- This ..::LvL/PlanetQuake pack was put together by Tigger-oN, Mandog, HellChick and Pappy-R with full permission given by the level authors. For more info check out; - ..::LvL - lvlworld.com/ - PlanetQuake - www.planetquake.com ----thanx, credits--------------------------------------------- Big fat thanx with a huge cherry on top goes out to all the mappers who have work in this pack. ----copyright info--------------------------------------------- Copyright is held by the level authors individually. Consult their <mapname>.txt for more information. This package as a whole (lvl-pq-pack2.zip) may only be distributed by means of electronic transfer, free of any charge to the recipient, and may not be modified in any way. All the files included in the original package must remain intact and unmodified. This package may not be distributed on any CD-ROM, nor be used on a commercial multi-player server without the prior, explicit written consent from all the level authors involved. Free-to-use game servers are welcome to use the levels included, in fact we encourage it :]
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