Contortion by GONNAKILLYA!


Start Date: Jan 5, 2001
Finish Date: March 31, 2001
Quake3Arena DM/TDM level

title: Contortion

file: contortion.pk3

author: GONNAKILLYA! aka: Rob Peterson

email address: **email removed**


description: - As it's name implies....the map is basically four main areas connected by twisting
hallways (vis blocking!). I tried to make each room and hallway unique with both
sound effects and eye-candy brushwork. Me hopes you like! :)

- This is my conversion and edit for Quake III from a HoloMatch (same as
DeathMatch) level in the game Star Trek Elite Force - Holomatch from RAVEN.

- the map is set in some sort of futuristic facility type dealy.

- there are some old but new concepts with the teleporters taking
you through a chute system....again, ya I know....but I happen to think
they're fun! Plus I added a can be seen flying thru them
during gameplay and you can camp in them if you choose to, making them a factor
in game play. Maybe you think it sucks, maybe not.

- I've littered the map with custom sounds, shaders and textures. I've
included some lens flare sprite FX with textures I created in Infini-D.
I also created a custom skybox using Terragen.

- I purposely put alot of doors throughout the map to optimize the vis
with the amount of brushwork details. Any way I can to get more FPS and
lower r_speeds.

- I've added a "SPECTATOR'S LOUNGE" to the map. This area is visible in the
screenshot and at the end of the match and is reachable only in spectator
mode. Sorry, no beverages or fighting permitted in the Lounge at any time.
I guess the Spectator Lounge is overdoing things but I just decided to have
some fun. I figured I'd try to surprise those who go into "Spectate Mode"
when checking out a map for the first time....something I've done more
times than I can count. The lounge will never be an issue in gameplay as
it is not reachable. There are no spawn point entities in it and is viewable
only thru the info ->player intermission entity.

inspiration: The map I used as a foundation for the layout (and my MAIN inspiration) is called
hm_dn1. I've even mimicked a few pieces of Raven's brushwork because I thought
they were cool. See if you can spot them. :)

I basically used four rooms from the original Elite Force map as inspiration for the
layout and made my own connections.

I have, however, tried to keep this map as original as possible in architecture,
shader effects and brushwork. In terms of layout, I developed the connecting hallways,
the third floor and the teleporter system.....none of which are in the original map.


Game performance information:


Computer specs for Map Editing and Alpha Testing:

- a wimped out Celery 533 Mhz
- 32 MB ELSA nVIDIA RIVA TNT2 video card
- 192 MB of system RAM.

Quake III settings (in-game):

- hunkmegs: 128 MB
- Screen Res: 640 X 480
- Texture bit: 16
- Colour bit: 16
- Texture detail: High
- Geometry detail: Low
- Texture Filter: Bilinear

***In-Game Performance (no bots):


With the above settings my machine was averaging 60-150 FPS throughout the map with dips as low as 45 FPS
(room with all the lens flares at the ceiling) and some areas maxing out to over 160 FPS (staring at a wall).
Of course you'll always lose at least 10 FPS when playing with bots.


The r_speeds never get up to 10000 and are 1500 - 5500 on average. Some areas push 8900 but that's with
a bazillion doors open and only when standing in specific spots. Chances are in gameplay that won't happen.

Performance may vary from system to system with different in-game configs and video card, of course. :)


map play info

tourney: no
deathmatch: medium DM/TDM (3-8 ppl)
CTF: no
Bot File (aas): yes (optimized)
new sounds: yes....several tweaked sounds from the Elite Force Voyager game, some from "The Sound
Factory", some from the Star Wars Episode One movie and several from my own personal
library that I tweaked myself in Sound Forge.
new graphics: yes...several textures I created myself in Photoshop, Infini-D and Terragen. I wrote
several shaders to add eye's hoping they don't cut into yer framerate
too much.
I also tweaked several textures from the Star Trek Elite Force video game
as well as a bunch from the Meatpak Texture set and Evil Lair's Texture sets.
I also used an .md3 from Evil Lair (Generator).
new music: no, I never listen to music while distracts me from killin! :)

how to play: - place contortion.pk3 in your Quake III Arena/baseq3/ folder
- start quake3arena
- hit ~ to bring down console
- type sv_pure 0 (necessary to run custom maps)
- type /map contortion
- press enter


- select the map under the Skirmish menu in the single
player mode

Commence Smackdown!

Author Info:

I am a 3D Artist/Compositor/Video Editor/Sound Designer with experience with Alias|Wavefront
PowerAnimator and Maya, Softimage, 3DStudio Max, Lightwave, Media 100 and After
well as several other Graphics/Video and Sound Editing packages.

Working with Radiant is both fun in its simplicity and frustrating with it's little quirks!

Building 3D maps and running thru them is lotsa fun cause I'm not constrained to the one
rendered view/camera angle and I am free to fully explore my little virtual worlds from
any angle in real time! Coolio! The Quake III engine KICKS ASS!

Contortion is my third published q3a map.

Other maps: MonkeyMadness (Quake3):

Bad Mojo (Quake3):

FEEDBACK: I'd like to hear what you think on layout, textures and FUN FACTOR.

Please feel free to send your comments, suggestions or death threats to:

email: **email removed** OR **email removed**
ICQ #: 83204985


editor: Q3Radiant 199 by Id Software
other programs: Curry, BSPC-Gui, Photoshop, Terragen, Infini-D, Textpad and Sound Forge
build time: six weeks (off and on)
compile time: About 20 hours (full vis light -extra)
known bugs: I think I got them all......I hope





Extra special thanx to:

- ID SOFTWARE for making Quake III Arena, a kick-ass engine and providing FREE tools to create levels!
Q3Radiant is a seriously fun 3D program.


Very Special thanx to:

- Raven Software for the inspiration. I tweaked several of their textures and sounds
for Contortion.

Download the Elite Force game demo at:

(Buy the game to see the Holomatch map I based Contortion on! You KNOW you want to!)

- Pete Parisi, Meatpak for some of the other textures. I've previously used some
textures in my second released map, Bad Mojo.

Email Address: **email removed**
Home Page:

- Also thanx to Yves Allaire, aka Evil Lair for the Quake 3 Arena Texture sets and his
Generator .md3 that I downloaded from his site. I've previously used some textures in my
second released map, Bad Mojo.

Email address: **email removed**
Home Page:

Generator Skinmapping and Md3 conversion: Hoplit
Email address: **email removed**
Cool shit, dudes!

- Death2Uall for the awesome sounds. I've previously used some sounds in my second
released map, Bad Mojo.

Home Page:

- Louie "KnightBK" Doulias of Black Knight Productions
for the tutorial on the lens flares. I hacked his shader scripts to suit my map.

I created the lens flare textures using MetaCreation's Infini-D 4.1. It is a cool and
easy-to-use 3D package with excellent lighting and lens flare capabilities.

- Lloyd Morris for the tutorial on Terragen. Kudos, man. I needed that!

Excellent work, everyone! Yer shit rocks!

(I hope I didn't miss anyone)


Special thanx to:

BETA testers:

- BurnOut (the easy target formally known as FRAGlicious)
- pjl (LOBO)
- Squire Gibbage
- nakedape
- GuitarMan
- Anwulf
- Mr. Duplicity
- pjw
- [Booker]
- Hr.O
- mac
- Wex_Viator
- snickelfritz


Regular Decaf Thanx to:

- Tigger-oN and Mandog for setting the standards of level design to be followed and
for maintaining ..::LVL. They've also graciously provided the template for this coolio
text file. Otherwise I'd have no idea what to put in. They really have their hands
full testing and reviewing all those maps! However, I'm sure most of it is not
really what I would call "tedious work". More like fun in the name of progress!
I'd give my left nut to do what they do. A big thumbs up.

- Quake3World and ..::LVL for their fine forum sections.

- ..::LVL for their beta section.

- Any other mappers in the past who gave some input on how to be a better mapper as well
as those generous enough to create tutorials for me to follow to learn the shit.

- All those who helped me get a grasp of how the vis draws the map and the use of hint
brushes and area portals.

- All people who maintain sites with level editing tutorials.

Here's a few I've gone through and recommend if you're just starting out...

(I hope none of these links are dead!)


Distribution / Copyright / Legal Crapola to keep the lawyers happy
(and who likes a happy lawyer?)

Copyright (c) 2001, Robert Peterson, **email removed**
All rights reserved.

Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc.

Star Trek Elite Force is a registered trademark of
Raven Software/Activision

Meatpak and Evil Lair textures are property of their respective owners.

All other media created by and property of Robert there :)

All textures and media contained within this PK3 file remain
property of their respective owners.

Go ahead and distribute this level....only at NO CHARGE to the recipient
in its current state. It must include this .txt file, and may NOT be
modified in any way. Just email me and let me know..... :)

Blah, blah, crap...blah, blah!


If you've read this're not playing the map!

The End.

Now go 'n play!