No UnKiLLable Thrills
by SLoB
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**** SLoBs QUAKE 3 RA3 MULTI-ARENA :-) ***
**** RA3 SLoB 1 ***
**** ------------- ** ***
**** /----\ ** ***
**** :`.^^^ ^^^.`: **** ****
**** '. `. . .' ** ***
**** `:-- `--: ;`; ** ***
**** `. ' ' . ; ; ***
**** |`-| (' ') ***

SLoB :-)


Before we begin to frag :) this erm getting longer readme file needs to be read :) heheh NOTE: README files are
SPose to be READ so plz don't msg me saying u cant get the arena to work etc.. blah blah :) heheh :)
SLoB :p

hmm wish I had a penny for every time sum1 asks me wot to do cos they couldnt be Arsed to read the readme file heheh

** THIS RA3 Map has been optimised to the max :) So Don't giv me hassle saying your grfx card cant handle it !!!
This map should be real nice to play even on sum low end systems and gives more fps than some of the current ra3maps.
if your pc can't handle it then time to upgrade my friends :)

Well I hope this map provides fun for peeps and inspiration for any mappers out there :) this map has been hard work
but the results are well worth it as I'm sure you will agree :)

Woah heh I keep adding to this Readme heheh lol :) Stop it Slob :)
I've often found it helps to read the 'READMEs' b4 u start sumthing :) however boring they may be heheh :p

Title : No UnKiLLable Thrills - :)
Date : 22-02-2001
Filename :
Original Author : SLoB + 2 Arenas roughly submitted by Bulldog :) n1 m8 :) even though I've practically remade them :)

Author : SLoB
Email Address : **email removed**
Home Page : :)
Clan Page :
Description : Q3 RA3 Multi-Arena map superb for 1v1s :-) and 2v2s team play & Clan Arena :-)
: *The above map will be available from my website eventually :)*

* Installation *

Simply place the ra3SLoB1.pk3 file into your Q3/arena directory. if you have the server files then you can load the map:-).
with map ra3slob1 at the bottom of the server.cfg.

you can either enter the arenas using the ra3 menu or just wander round and use the teleporters :)

* Play Information *

Teamplay : Yes- modes Clan Arena, - 1 v 1 and 2 v 2s esp good :-)
Weapons : ALL apart from bfg :)
I H8 Real Lame ass feckers who insist on
finishing off peeps in the last bit with the LG -I really h8 that u Gits :)
thats the equivalent of using the Chaingun to finish some 1 off. I dont mind this in the Clan Arena
but 1v1s should be about skill in praccying yer aim with rails and rox :)
this gripe is due to me mainly playin ra2 cos I'm a Rox 'n' Railer :) heheh

Armor : Yes- RA3 style.
RoX Shooter : Yes- :-) Gothic Waters - heh I've added this random shooter for a bit of fun :)

Arena Specs : 5 1v1/2v2 Arenas
: 1 Clan Arena
: 1 Entrance Room

Don't 4 get to have fun with this Multi arena :-) ne comments/feedback email me @ **email removed** :)

Thnx to the guys @ mahq for pimping this map and all the other peeps who have helped to pimp
the map :)

SLoB :p


* Construction *
Base : mostly single arenas imported to this multiarena
Clan Arena from scratch built in the RA3 Map
Editor used : Q3Radiant v 202 (shit-hot cool prog :-)
Known Bugs : None that I am aware of :) heh who am I tryin to kid? :)

Build Time : on and off for the last 6 months wish I had the time :)

: There should be a Health Warning in Radiant telling U mapping can Seriously Damage your
Health heheh, Now I really kno wot sleep deprevation is apart from all weekender LANS :-)
: Toooo long in the making :)

Compile machine : pIII-700 ocd to 940 with 256 megs RAM and GFDDr :-)
q3map BSP Time : Fullvised & Light -DOWN TO 3 1/2 Hours :))) heheh
: but Fastvis in 1.5 mins :-)

Brushes : 7483 :)
Entities : too many to list heh hmm cough 1212 :)
net brush count : 5837
Textures used : Gothic set,Base, Tech and Loads of custom inc Skyboxes

Testing you have done : Tested all areas, no flaws erm ?, no brush problems heh:-) I wish :)
: No matter how many compiles this map has been through i still find room for improvement and
other cool stuff to do to it :) no doubt I will continue to find things innit :)
by then Ra3 will support bots and then all existing ra3 maps out there will require bot optimisation :)
and i can then sort out anything else , but I'm pretty sure its all there :)
Comments from testers :

Thanks to : Bulldog :-) for donating his 2 arenas for this cool ra3map :)

Also thnx to : Orion, Crassus, Krunch, Deathlord, Swelty, Hazza, stru and all the guys
: in Clan X and any1 else who I have forgotten to mention :)
: for giving me feedback and all that malarky :) ..cheers guys !!!
: and the Mahq guys for pimping this cool map :)
: if I have missed some1 then Thnx goes to you too heh :) cant think of everything ya know :)
: I couldn't forget me missus :) she has had to put up with the endless hours of mapping too :)

Additional Comments/Credits/etc:
No doubt some of you recognise 2 ra2 arenas in there :) well they were remade to play even better than before :)

** The Dock **- which as you know was one of my fave all time arenas where I totally rocked on it :) heheh
Original Author : KarNiX - **email removed**

This Version Copyright SLoB :)

** Back Alley Rumble ** - Another totally cool ra2 arena which was remade :)
Original Author : SmegHead - **email removed**

This Version Copyright SLoB :)

Well Thnx to the Guys who have done those Fantastic Sky environments, I used a few so lets give credit
where credits due :)

GothicWaters Skybox : Mighty Pete @
Cathedral Square Skybox : Mighty Pete @
Fast Railto Die Skybox : Sock @
Sector 5a Skybox : Justin Fisher @ Skyboxes:
No Unkillable Thrills Skybox : Mighty Pete @

I've no doubt that peeps will think the skies r cool so thnx to the peeps who put the hard work into
providing these for your fraggin pleasure :)
wow that mighty pete has some awsome sky boxes :) n1 m8 keep up the good work :)

I did modify all the skybox tgas to Jpgs to optimise the file size of the map :)
and also made all the env in my own texture folder to keep most things in the same place.

Thnx to the peeps who did the custom models that you can see in this map :), I'm sure you will agree I have been fairly tasteful
in what has gone into the map :)

Thnx goes to Bulldog for submitting his 2 Arenas Sector5a and Cathedral Square.
I have been over these arenas and optimised them to the hilt and also re-textured just about all of the textures.
and also practically remade all the brushes :( you had some real naughty brushes in there m8 :)

This is also due to the fact that adding many maps into one huge map for the multiarena environment that
textures seem to have rediculous parameters when that map is imported. lots of funny things happen.

For those of you who dont know :) mapping an RA3 map has been so addictive and enjoyable and also a lot of hard work!
there has been problems along the way but I have overcome them to give you this map for your fraggin pleasure :)
have fun with it, it was designed as an RA3 map only and will only work properly with the RA3 mod!
so for those peeps that say the teleporters dont work etc. it does only work with RA3!! :) the entities are specific to the
code of ra3.

Thnx Also goes to the Mapping Forums here and there for ideas, replies etc without the wealth of knowledge out there in the
mapping community it would be a great loss, so heres to all the peeps who have provided solutions to mappers probs :)

If you've got this far then u deserve a medal :)
Frag yas L8r peeps


Have fun and kill nice :)


Copyright / Permissions
This version is copyrighted by SLoB. 22/2/2001 :)

You are NOT allowed to commercially exploit this level, i.e. put it on a CD
or any other electronic medium that is sold for money without my explicit
permission!!! or Extreme Pimpage!!! :) Yes that includes you PC Mags :)

You MAY distribute this level through any electronic network (internet,
FIDO, local BBS etc.), provided you include this file and leave the archive
intact. you may take a peek tho :)

And of course who could forget ID :)
For another so modifiable game :)

QUAKE3 ARENA (c)1999 Id Software.
All Rights Reserved All other trademarks and trade
names are properties of their respective owners.