-- Info

Title : Overkill!
Map Filename : overkill.bsp
Official Release Date : February 08, 2000

Author : Wiebo de Wit
Email Address : **email removed**

Map Type : Deathmatch 2-8 players.
Bot support : yeah baby.

Map description : Large, open castle like environment with loads of
space to run and frag in.

Thanks to : id, my girlfriend for putting up with long editing hours,
Jeff Yost (+ team) and Mr.CleaN for testing and feedback.

-- Construction

Base : New level from scratch
Editor used : Q3Radiant
Known Bugs : It wouldn't get released if it had any. Tell me if you find one.
Build Time : Too long. I had to get used to Quake 3 features etc.
Compile machine : PII350, 128mb, TnT2

-- Usage

1. Unzip overkill.pk3 into your quake3/baseq3 directory
2. Fire up Q3A, drop down console, and type:
/map overkill

-- Copyright / Permissions

Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc.

This level is (c) 2000 Wiebo de Wit.
You may distribute this map FREELY via internet, provided you include this
.TXT file and leave the archive intact with no modifications. If you would
like to use this map in any other way, contact me via e-mail.