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Metal Fire
============================================================================= excq3dm16 - "Metal Fire" (C)2001 Excelsiore ============================================================================= Title : Metal Fire Map type : Tournament, Free For All Build : Final Test Builds : 2 Date : January 16, 2001 Filename : excq3dm16.bsp .aas file (for bots) : yes Author : Excelsiore Email Address : **email removed** Home Page : www.geocities.com/xcelsiore/ PQ Homepage : www.planetquake.com/quakesphere/ Mapping/Layout : Excelsiore Mapping/Lightning : Excelsiore Design : Excelsiore -------------------------> NEW MUSIC : Futureprobe. (Thanks for cool loop. Love it!) -------------------------> Additional Ideas/Remarks : Wildheart, Futureprobe, Teufel. Main Gameplay Testing : Excelsiore, Gunbunny, Wildheart, Futureprobe, Teufel. Compile Machine : Celery 400@500, 128 MB goatcheese, 2 sticks of cheep vanta tnt ============================================================================= * About * ============================================================================= "Welcome combatants, to the Metal Fire Arena, this is your janitor speaking. All combatants should be outfitted with the Ajax Version 1.0 Universal Hanky. If you failed to bring a hanky one will be provioded for your convenience. Said hanky shall be used to wipe the blood off the floor if so occurs. Failure to do so will invoke the wrath of the arena janitors. Fear their wrath! For they shall punish you by taking your hanky priviledges away. And it's no use crying about it either. You had your chance. Don't go whining about it now. Oh, yeah. Well, don't spit on the floor neither, I just cleaned it. Hey, what did I just tell you. Now you take your hanky and clean that up. What? You don't have one. Well here, use mine. Now where was I, oh yes...(BOOM!)" My first map of the new year. Think I finally sort of found my mapping style (yeah!). Trying to break away from the standard Quake 3 sha-bang I used some custom textures from the meatpak and evil texture paks(btw keep up the good work). I also thought it needed some custom music so I asked Futureprobe to compose something Klesk wouldn't mind fragging to and I personally think he succeeded quite well. I also made some custom teleporters that I thought suited the map well (it's included as a prefab so grab it from the .pk3 if you like). The map is the standard kind of 3 atrium 3 level kind of map, sort of like Tokyo's Towers in Quake 2 but without the water. Most of the action seems to take place on the groundfloor but there are no weapons there so to survive you have to keep moving. I think the weapon balance is quite successful as the rocketlauncher and railgun are not immediately available. Four players may be a tad much with almost constant action so three is probably a more sane player load. In theory it could hold 6 but only the crazed should try. 1v1 is also pretty fun, especially with the CPM Mod as the armor comes into play a bit more. Frag and enjoy! Feedback is greatly appreciated: **email removed** ============================================================================= * Weapons / Items * ============================================================================= *************************************** excq3dm16, Tourney 1v1 or FFA 3-4 players *************************************** Spawnpoints : 6 Gauntlet : default Machinegun : default Shotgun : yes (1) Plasmagun : yes (1) Grenade launcher : yes (1) Rocket Launcher : yes (1) Lightning gun : no Railgun : yes (1) BFG : no Quad-damage : yes (1, standard respawn) Haste : no Regeneration : no Invisibility : no Battle Suit : no flight : no Megahealth : yes (1, 120 sec respawn) Red Armor : no Yellow Armor : yes (1) Medkit : no Personal Teleporter : no ============================================================================= * Copyright / Permissions / Mumbo Jumbo * ============================================================================= Copyright (c) 2001 Excelsiore. All rights reserved. This level may be electronically distributed only at no charge to the recipient, and may not be modified in any way. This text file must be included with the level. This level may not be distributed on any CD-ROM without the prior, explicit consent of Excelsiore. You may run this level on your server as long as no money is charged to players for playing on your server. ============================================================================= ============================================================================= site : www.geocities.com/xcelsiore/ PQ Homepage : www.planetquake.com/quakesphere/ email : **email removed**
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