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Metal Fire
Metal Fire by Excelsiore
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Futureprobe unregistered
#3   06 Mar 2001
Some really great music... :)
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Tetzlaff unregistered
#2   05 Mar 2001
Nice little map with it´s own athmosphere. I generally like the use of textures, but it could have been "smoother" at some places.

The custom teleporter sounds are a cool addition.

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Excelsiore unregistered
#1   05 Mar 2001
Actually, the so called "vertical features and structural supports" are only found in two places, around the RL and RG. They make going for these weapons pretty hazradous since you risk getting stuck and help to stop camping. The review also forgets to mention the custom music and custom teleporter sounds included in the pk3. Play it to enjoy it.
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