All The Aces
Release date: 1/05/2001
Title : All The Aces
Filename : ra3sgwdw.bsp
Authors : SgtGhost & Wiebo de Wit
Email Addresses : SgtGhost: **email removed** / Wiebo de Wit: **email removed**
Home Pages : SgtGhost: / Wiebo de Wit:
Description : A Multi-arena map for RA3 with 3 Arenas and 1 Clan Arena featuring OVERKILL!

ARENA Selection Room by SgtGhost
ARENA 1: Death or Glory by SgtGhost
ARENA 2: Dead and Gone by SgtGhost
ARENA 3: Eath The Gun by Wiebo de Wit
ARENA 4: Overkill! by Wiebo de Wit

Special Thx to: crt for RA3 ->
ID Software ->
bigOnes for setting up the private forum at the MAHQ!

A big thx to: Chronic Killer, Linus, Sly, DrJohn, ShadowMan, Kabal, C2X.VirusEater, Essobie, [T2K]Elvis,
[LoD]Draco, Geit, [KYA]TheCurse, Syclone, [T2K]Biggy, TechX
and all the others who helped us with the beta test!


-- Play Information --

Game: Q3A
MoD: Rocket Arena III

Installation instruction:
Unzip into your Quake3\arena\ directory

** If you would like to play the map follow the instruction below:

Download the ra3 server files at and
Extract them in your quake3/arena folder.

Go in the arena folder after extracting the files and edit the ra3server.bat file
by adding this command instead

cd ..
start quake3.exe +set fs_game arena +set sv_pure 0 +bot_enable 0 +exec server.cfg
save and close the file

Now open the server.cfg file and at the bottom change the initial map for All The Aces
ex: map ra3sgwdw

Save the file and click on the ra3server.bat file!


-- Construction --

Base : The arenas and Selection room are done from scratch. The pickup map was tweaked a bit for RA3
Editor used : Q3Radiant
Known Bugs : None
Build Time : 15Hours
Compile machine : PIII 600, 384mb, Creative GForce DDR.

- This map may be distributed in anyway you like, provided you include this
.txt file UNMODIFIED and distribute it for free.
- CD-ROM publishers need the written permission of both authors before they can distribute this level.