White Noise - F3 Edition
Title: White Noise - F3 Edition
Filename: wnoise.bsp
Author: Rich "Publius" Tollerton <**email removed**>

Release Date: 5 October 2000

Description: A Q3CTF conversion of as2m7 (Cacophony), a Q2CTF map.
White Noise combines as2m7's intense layout with
a symmetric design using as2m7's blue base and item
placement tuned for both q3ctf and Alliance play.
One quad with +-5s random respawn timing, teamed with
a regen.

This map is one of several maps that will be released
in Alliance 2.0. This individual map is released in
time for the Fall Festival of Frags
<www.teamplay.net/d>, an open Q3CTF

Homepage: Alliance Games <www.planetquake.com/alliance/>

Credits: The Alliance team
Many, many playtesters and reviewers - in particular,
dolomite, g1zmo, Casey, Elite Strike, the Peacemakers,
the Antiheroes, and several other people/clans I'm
forgetting right now

Previous Works: Cacophony (as2m7) - Q2CTF 9/1998
Expert Base (expctf2) - Q1CTF 12/1997
Trilogy Multiplayer (trimp) - Q1DM 8/1997

All previous maps available at the Expert Quake
home page, www.planetquake.com/expert/

* Play Information *
Recommended Game: Alliance CTF, Quake3 CTF
Number of Players: 4+

* Construction *
Base: Cacophony (as2m7.bsp). Look up its readme for
prior history.
Construction Time: 10 months (December 1999-October 2000)
Build Time: Approx. 15 minutes (Celeron 850, 384M RAM)
Applications used: Q3Radiant, Notepad, GIMP 1.1

Additional notes: Although this map was written for the Alliance
CTF mod (which uses an offhand grapple), the
map was designed for use without the grapple
and should work in any q3ctf game with or
without a grapple.

The weird projectile clipping on the stairs
is not a fluke - the stairs themselves do not
block weapons fire. This eliminates rocket-

The numerous bridges pass splash from under-
neath thm very well. At least in q3 1.17...

Changes will most likely be made to the map
in Alliance 2.0 that will be backported to
another individual release.

Known bugs: Tri counts are pretty high; they average at
about 6000 and peak at 10000. About 2000 of
these tris are typically due to the sides of
light fixtures.

Transparent catwalk grate texture looks
pretty bad at long distance due to the
mipmapped alpha channel. There's not much I
can do about it without making the texture
appear more complex (which is its entire
point). Additionally the shader doesn't
throw shadows too well.

Achtung trim isn't aligned across surfaces.

* Copyright Notices and Permission *

This level is (c) Richard Tollerton II (2000), all rights reserved.
All commercial use of this map is prohibited unless you have my
explicit permission. Level designers shall not use this map as a base
without my explicit permission. Offer not good after curfew in sectors
R or N.