No Love Map
Kit Carson Quake3 level - Ra3 level
Title : No Love Map
Filename : ra3mapkit1.bsp
Author : Kit Carson
eMail : **email removed**
Web :
Description : Rocket Arena3 multilevel -4 arenaz+start

* Play Information *
Single Player : Next RA3 release?!
Bot File (aas) : No
New sounds: : No
New graphics: : Yes
New music: : No
New models: : Yes

* Construction *
Base : from scratch
Finish Date : September 18, 2000
Editor(s) used : Q3Radiant build202
Known Bugs : -
Build Time : 3 week
Compiling Time : fullvis 8 Hours DAMN!!! for my next map i'll use
my old Commodore 64 instead my Pentium!!!!

If you do a review about this map, please send me a note.
Feedback about this map is appreciated.

Herve Groussin for the Amzing Mino Model!! great work Man!!
David "crt" Wright for Rocket Arena-the real Quake3 soul.
[K]LordAxl at for betatesting.
a special thanx for every woman with big boobs!

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All rights reserved.

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