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Title : b3dm1
Date : 15/08/2000
Filename : b3dm1.pk3
Author : .:BAPHOMET:...IRL
Email Address : **email removed**
Description : one large(ish) level - 'BAPHOMET'S PLACE'

Credits and thanks to :
Bill Brooks AKA 'raptor' for the hole prefab
Gamedesign.net and it's forums
Matt (The Little Pixie) for looking at my level
Mr. Masher for his early Q3test map
id software (obviously)
Claudec's lair of tutorials
Pete <MEAT> Parisi for making cool maps n textures


* Map Info *

Players : 2 to 6.
Bots : Yes - but admittedly useless :( .
Weapons : SG, GL, RL, PG, RG
Armor : yes
Ammo : yes
Health : yes

Installation notes

Put b3dm1.pk3 in your baseq3 directory, and then start game and select 'skirmish' then choose the map - it should be towards the end of the list. If not there is always the old n trusty way:
1. Start Quake3
2. Press 'tilde' key (~) (top left) and bring down console
3. type '\map b3dm1'
4. After loading, press esc and 'ADD BOTS' - then add your choice
5. FRAG.

- Construction -

Editor(s) used : Q3Radiant
Additional Tools : Q3MapExplorer
Known Bugs : None (except bots).
Build Time : Very on and off for about six months -
probably about 1.5 months properly.
Custom Textures : Yes
Custom Shaders : Yes
Compile machine : PIII/750, 128 MB RAM, TNT2, WIN98
BSP Time : 20 seconds
Vis Time : 38.5 minutes
Light Time : 87 minutes
BSPC Time : about 3 minutes

- Other Comments -
I know that bot support REALLY sucks, and that they just hang around in the hexagonal rooms jumping up and down, and have no understanding of any of the jump pads, but ive tried everything :(. There are huge 'bot do not enter' brushes at the sides of the hexagonal rooms, and bot_roam entities at the passages that enter these rooms. There are bot_roams at all the places that they should go near the other jump pads in the main room, but they still act like CRASH on 'i can win'. I bspc'd with reachability, opotimised, i tried everything, but no. I was unable to find a detailed tutorial and how to make bots do things, if somebody could help me it would be much appreciated.
Oh yeh I've also discovered a cool (well I think so anyway) RJ in the top central room: try RJ/padjumping off the jumppads (in the room with the quad) and get onto to the top platform with the railgun -it aint that hard ;0).
This is my first map and I would be pleased to hear some (constructive) criticism.
ALSO for some reason I couldn't get the 'longname' value in the .arena file to work, so I had to resort to graphics (and I know it's a crappy name).

Respect to:

- Copyright / Permissions -

You should not include or distribute this pak file in any
sort of commercial product. Do not distribute this map on a coverCD (as if) without my permission.

.:BAPHOMET:...IRL(c) 2000