DeathMatch [bbB]
* General information *

Title : DeathMatch [bbB]
PK3 name : DeathMatch.pk3
File name : DeathMatch.bsp
Date : 20.08.2000
Author and Adress : Thomas "Bomerlunder" Hochdörfer
E-m@il address : **email removed**
Map description : It`s a platform with 12 Buttons. There are no weapons around, you only get them by pushing a button. When you push a button a random weapon is spawned somewhere on the platform, but you have to watch out because also a trap is activated when you push a button!!! So don`t push too many buttons ;-). There are 3 different traps, you`ll see how it works, when you play it!!!
Additional credits to : Hmm, i thank ID for this awesome game!!! Oh and to Nullsoft, because Winamp really rocks!!! Oh, and please check out!!!

* Play information *

Game : Quake 3 Arena
Bot match : Sure
Deathmatch : Yes, up to 4 Players
Teamplay : No
Tournament : Yes
Capture the flag : Definetly not

* Map information *

Base : New level from scratch
Editor used : Q3radiant 202
Compile PC : AMD-Athlon 700 Mhz, 128MB Ram
Build time : About 3 weeks
Compile time : ~2.5 hours for the map, ~3 minutes for the bot compile
Known bugs : No known bugs, YIIIHAAAAAAA!!! ;-)
Total brushes : 1203 (555 Entities, 648 Non Entities)
New Textures : No, only one from ID which i needed without the shader

* How to use the .pk3 *

Copy bomerlunder.pk3 to your baseq3 directory ... ahm, that`s it !!! :-)
Just run Q3A, and choose my map in the menu.

* Other information *

This map is an experiment, i don`t think i could win the contest with it, i placed only 7th, but i wanted to make something completely different, and i think i did it!!! I never played it with anyone to test it, i had no time for it, so i don`t know if this concept really makes fun. But i think it is a cool idea. I tried to make it bigger for the contest, but i had on time for it, perhaps i publish the bigger version of it, when it`s done. And please don`t laugh about my english, because i`m a german and i don`t speak perfectly english!!! :-))