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Map Name: AXBABYRA3 Map Author: RON JOLY "axbaby" Email: **email removed** Design time: 9 day's give or take compile time: 28 minutes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Special thanks: id Software !!special thanks to clan CotD children of the damned ,my freinds in battle and life. also to all those at qwake3world level editing for helping me "i used search to find my answers" amazingly it worked :) . MAHQ Design and Content by Mike "big0nes" MacDonald and Scott "Deathstalker" Maclean 1999 Multi Arena Headquarters (MAHQ) www.planetquake.com/mahq/ for help in their faq. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Installation notes: Copy the axbabyra3 file to your quake3\arena directory (C:\Program Files\Quake III Arena\arena default) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ thanks to Tom McClure ("Diabolic") # # mailto: **email removed** for his textures Author : Kiltron Email Address : **email removed** for his textures ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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