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========================================================================= Title : Claustrophobia Release date : 14 January 2000 File name : c_phobia.bsp Author : Paul Martin Email Address : **email removed** Map description : This is my first try at level design for any game... so if you see anything wrong, tough luck. The map took me just one day to make. The only dissapointing thing about this map is that you cann't play with any bots:( God knows I tried! The .ass file was just to big... about 12Mb (5Mb zipped in a .pk3 file) so when you start up the map with bots, Q3A crashed for some strange reason. Maybe when you play Claustrophobia you'll understand why bots cann't be added. Perhaps when I have more time I'll have a look into it and create a working .aas file and release a newer version of this map. Any comments regarding the .aas file will be most welcome. Anyway, lets get on to some good news... Claustrphobia is small consisting of lots of frags, great with 2 - 8 players (LAN or Internet). If you start getting ill and want to see what you have for breakfast - try to miss your keyboard :) Final note: Jump pads, Jump pads, Jump pads. Thanks to : ID software for a great game and the Q3Radiant guys. ========================================================================= ***** Construction ***** Editor used : Q3Radiant Known Bugs : No bots (damn) Build Time : 1 day Compile machine : p2/350 Compile Times : less than a minute ========================================================================= * How to use the .pk3 * copy .pk3 to your baseq3 directory run Q3A, and type "map c_phobia" in the console (~ key) from the main menu * Copyright / Permissions * You're allowed to redistribute this level via electronic media such as Internet, and free of charge only. Any commercial use without a permission is prohibited. Copyright (c) Paul Martin 2000 END =========================================================================
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