SDM3: The Nothing
Map Name: SDM3: The Nothing
File Name(s): sdm3_q3.bsp, sdm3_q3.aas (contained inside sdm3_q3.pk3)
Author: Mark "Shmitz" Major
E-mail: **email removed**
Compiler: Q3 Radiant
Game Type: Deathmatch
Players: 1 vs 1 strongly recommended, but can support 3 or 4

Comments: All those space maps out there have always, in some way, reminded me of
that one scene in "The Neverending Story" towards the end where the
Nothing has pretty much obliterated the world and there's only pits of
land floating here and there, suspended as it were, in nothing. So, my
first (and probably last, given the compile times), reflects these
subconcious musings. It's essencially a large open complex, and a
smaller, white platform (my homage to the Ivory Tower) containing the
rail gun. I will pause here to say that, like most space maps, you will
probably want this weapon =). There's two floors to the larger complex.
The lower floor consists of open air platforms and smaller pathways
around the perimeter, with one larger room inside that has the
megahealth and a back way over to the rail gun platform. Upstairs is
the Tube, where the red armor and the rocket launcher can be found. This
is where most of the action will be. You can get up there either from
the stairs on the side of the complex, a jump pad at the rear of the
complex, or the jumppad on the white platform. Weapons included are
the grenade launcher, rocket launcher, plasma gun, and of course,
the rail gun.

The garlic to keep the vampires away:
Feel free to distribute this map by any electronic means (internet,
CD, floppy, etc.) as long as it is FREE. You may not distribute this
map commercially without permision.