Garden of Death
Garden of Death By Meatball

My first map using qeradient.
build time: About a week (whenever I wasn't in school)
compile time: about 5.5 hours for fullvis, 4 hours for fast.

The map is kind of large, so it can support from 6 to about 20 people :)
You can get everywhere you can see. If you have seen the old movie 'House on Haunted Hill' (Not the one released a year or so ago, the b+w one with vincent price), you may recognize something in the basement ;)

I made the sign in photoshop, and i got a few textures off of a site named golgotha. here's the site :
It was supposedly for a videogame that never got released.
I got a model from a site for prefabs from a guy named oak. the readme says to include a copy of the readme in the file i pass out, so that explains the 2nd readme.

Special thanks to all the people who browse the quake3world forums, cuz without their gracious assistance, this wouldn't be possible-thanks, you know who you are :)
If you like it, and play ctf, let me know you like it, cuz I may make it a ctf map if enough people like this one.

Just unzip the .zip into your baseq3. it should show up on the level selection screen.
Jim 'Meatball' Russo
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