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****************************************** Date Original: 1.5.2k Modified: 20.09.2k Subject Quake 3 Arena Map Author RainmanTD ( Mail **email removed** Homepage http://rainmantd.web....ru/eng/index.htm - english version Homepage http://rainmantd.webservis.ru - russian (original) version ****************************************** Info: Tools Q3Radiant Gametype ffa, tourney, teamplay Spawn points 9 Mega yes Tech nope Additions nope AAS yes Levelshot yes Notes: A gothic style map, quite cool in tourney. I suggest you also try it in insta-gib tourney! - one shot=one frag! By the way, it was modifed from the original: some brush optimisations and I enlarged the hole near the red armor. I'd be glad to receiv any of your comment on this map or smth. RainmanTD
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