final shutdown
final shutdown by McBugzz
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Maverick unregistered
#8   09 Jul 2000
Xlnt! Perfect DM!

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PAK-9 unregistered
#7   24 Jun 2000
P3-900. Hmmmmmm.
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philmatt unregistered
#6   23 Jun 2000
i got a dual pent3 900 mhz cpu with 250megs ram and dual voodoo 4's letz gest say i have no prob with q3 or any map made 4 it

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Tyre unregistered
#5   22 Jun 2000
Nice map; certainly good for RG practice. I don't think the darkness is a problem - you can see where you are going all right. The one problem I found was a slot down to the RL room is so small it is an effort trying to get down it; needs to be widened a little. I like Capt C's idea of adding an accelerator.
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RedFive unregistered
#4   22 Jun 2000
Ah !!! A massive thanx to jballem and Quake3world's John's Q3A !!! Eat that Fileplanet !!!!!

Ok, the map now. It's VERY small. You can run around the thing at 200mph and get quite dizzy! Yes you can hone the rail skills but a strafe-jump happy target will be plenty hard to hit. Being a 1-on-1 freak, I can't wait to try this map with a friend. I am getting a bit tired of the Gothic textures though and I'm hungry for new looks. This is why I give the map a 7; great gameplay but tired looks.

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RedFive unregistered
#3   22 Jun 2000
Damn I hate Fileplanet when it refuses to let people download stuff.
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Captain (Horatio) Chaos unregistered
#2   22 Jun 2000
This level plays reasonably well and is a rather good arena for fine tuning your railing skills. Map is quite well connected and layout is not bad; though the inclusion of an acceleration pad in the central forum, allowing players to reach either of the two high balconies, may help speed things up a bit and improve connectivity.

Liked the fequent use of the iron girder texture, but didn't care much for the skin texture used on the lowest platform where the red armour was located. Appearance of map could be improved if just a little more detailing was included - trims, etc.


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Sehlio unregistered
#1   22 Jun 2000
Its a nice fun map. My only problems with it are that the pit with the fog isnt deep enough, you can see the bottom, and that when your faceing the teleporter on its right side, the flesh walls come apart and the textures get messed. But its fast and the bots played well. Perhaps to much armor with 2 YA and a red one. But it was good for a free for all. A solid seven I think...
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