Title : PowerStation
Filename : powerstation.pk3
Release Date : 4/22/2000
Author : Dragonne{TRIAD}
Email Address : **email removed**
Homepage : users.nac.net/rdragonne/
Q3A Servers : Ports 27960(DM), 27962(CTF), and 27964(this one changes from time to time).
(They may or may not be running by the time you get this file! They should be within
6 months of the above Release Date.)

Description : A base-style CTF map with a bunch of generators and power conduits.

Additional Credits to : id Software(of course).
The {TRIAD} DevTeam, for support and inspiration.
Various other Clan {TRIAD} members for playtesting and creative input.
KMFDM for the sound track. (DON'T SUE ME!)
My wife, Stacia{TRIAD}, for putting up with and joining me in my gaming hobby. Love ya!

Info about the Author : Online Gaming Addict, NT Systems Admin in Real Life™, Picky and a bit Anal
about things sometimes :)

Q3 Levels by the Author : PowerStation, SkyKeeps, BattleGround(see the homepage above for other releases)

Installation : Extract the .zip file to your baseq3 folder. DO NOT just rename the .zip to
a .pk3 file, it will not work.

* PK3 File Information *

Map(.bsp) Name : skykeeps
New Textures : Nope
New Sounds : Nope
New Music Track : Yes

* Play Information *

Bot Support : Yeppers, preferably in CTF. (For Single Player CTF?)
Deathmatch : Team DM could work I guess(?)
Capture The Flag : Now you're talkin!

* Construction *

Base : From scratch, all original
Editor(s) used : Q3Radiant ver 181
Other Prog(s) used : GoldWave 4.01 for the music track
Known Bugs : I hate mosquitoes, does that count? Oh, none in the map.
Build Time : About 60 hours
Build Machine : PII 400, 128MB
Compile machine : PII 400, 128MB/P200MMX, 64MB
Compile time : About ? hours
Music Track : Megalomaniac by KMFDM (remixed for better playback in the map)

* Map/Creative Notes *

I've gotten into this direction of making themed maps that aren't the usual for Quake style game levels. So I figured
I'd give the standard base-style a shot. I think it turned out pretty good, and it plays really well.

Notice the "surveillence camera monitor" in each base. It was just an experiment, but it worked so I left it. It comes
in handy for the base defenders. :)

* Other Info *

I have an extremely busy life between my wife, my job, running Clan {TRIAD} and the {TRIAD} CevTeam, upkeep of the clan's
webpage, and playing these games online. Somehow I still find time to do this time consuming creative map making stuff.
Ya know, someone could pay me to do these things in my spare time. (Please?)

OH! I almost forgot... Donations are eagerly accepted. :)
You can send me $$, PC parts(anyone got a P3 CPU or 64 meg or better SDRAM they could send over?), games/utils/editors
(NO ILLEGAL STUFF PLEASE), or anything of real value you don't happen to need/want anymore. Send me an e-mail!

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional
levels, and the geometry CANNOT be changed in any way. If you
wish to modify the entities for use with a non-standard CTF Mod,
please inform me be e-mail, just so I know it's out there in
other forms. Please retain this text file if you do.

You CAN create prefabs from this level though, just please give
ME the credit for the original construction!

This .pk3 may be distributed over the Internet and/or BBS
systems(like these exist anymore) as long as the ORIGINAL(this)
text file is included in the .zip file.

You may NOT distribute this map/.pk3 file/.bsp file commercially
without my expressed WRITTEN permission. If you wish to include
this in a compilation of some form, have your people contact my
people and they'll talk, or just send me an e-mail and we'll talk. ;)

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