Dead Simple (3)
Map name : Dead Simple
File name : rpgq3ds.pk3
Version number : 1.0
Date completed : 8 April 2000
Author : Robert P. Gove Jr
Net Nickname : R.P.G.
E-mail address : **email removed**
All comments are welcome
Home page : None at the moment
Description : A Quake 3: Arena remake of Dead Simple for Doom 2.
Additional credits : Id Software, Robert A. Duffy.
Thank yous : God, [iF]Gonad, Dogfish, Jackson Tufts, and
Dan Smith.

* Play Information *
Game : Quake 3: Arena
Single player : Yes
Cooperative : No
Deathmatch : Yes, 6 starts, most suitable for 2-4 player FFA
New sounds : No
New graphics : No
New music : No
Music file : sonic2.wav

* Construction *

Base : New level based on Dead Simple by id software
Editor(s) used : Q3Radiant, Notepad and Shader Editor
Build time : About 30 hours
Known bugs : None

Designed on : PII 300 with 256 megs of RAM, Windows 95, and a
Hercules Dynamite TNT video card
Compile machine : Same as above
Compile time : About an hour
Brushes : 523
Entities : 106


Put rpgq3ds.pk3 in the baseq3 folder under your Quake 3 folder. Load
Quake 3, go to Single Player, the Skirmish, and scroll until you find
Dead Simple.


I, nor id Software, are responsible for any damage these files may or
may not cause. However, it is highly unlikely that any damage will be
caused as a direct result from these files.


Distribution of this level is strictly forbiden unless the original
archive (rpgq3ds.pk3) remains intact, unmodified, and is distributed
with this file, intact and unmodified.
Commercial exlpoitation of this level is strictly forbiden.