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The Longest Yard - Duel
24/4/2000 Quake3Arena Tourney level ================================================================ Title : The Longest Yard - Duel Filename : dm17duel.bsp Author : Said Aspen - Ma{DM}aX E-mail : **email removed** Game : Quake III Arena ================================================================ :Installation: 1. Place dm17duel.pk3 in your Quake3/baseq3/ directory 2. Start Quake3 3. Select Singleplayer and then Skirmish. 4. Select DM17Duel 5. Have fun! ================================================================ Information: ================================================================ Title : The Longest Yard - Duel Game type : Tourney, DM CTF : No Bot File : Yes Player load : 2-4 New Sounds : No New Graphics : Yes ================================================================ Gameplay Specifics: ================================================================ This is a very small Tourney map. I recommend that it is played as a map for duels/1on1s. The map is a remake of idīs DM17 there are some small differences that I have made to make the level more playable as a 1on1 map. ================================================================ Copyright / Permissions: ================================================================ Copyright (2000) by Said Aspen - **email removed** All rights reserved. This map may be distributed by any means, free of any charge to the recipient, but may not be modified in any way. All the files included in the original package must remain intact and unmodified. Under no circumstances is this level to be distributed on CD-ROM without prior written permission. Have fun playing the map! -Said Aspen
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