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The Mansion
*** The Mansion for Q3 *** Author: Willennium (based on a HL:Counterstrike map, author unknown) Date: 4/3 2000 Gametype: Deathmatch or team DM. Suggested no. of players: 4-12 Bsp time: 20 minutes --- Description --- Anybody who ever played Counterstrike (If you don't know what CS is, www.counter-strike.net should help) will recognize this map. It happens to be one of my fave CS maps so I thought what the hell, and made a Q3 version. The result is a map that in my opinion looks better, although it can of course never truly be compared to the original since CS isn't available for Q3. *sigh* For you who don't feel like visiting cs.net and never heard of Counterstrike, that doesn't necessarily mean you can't enjoy this map: It's a big, two-floor house with a big front yard, complete with driveway and pool, garden house and trees. In the original version, one team would start inside and one outside, and the outside team would try to get into the house to rescue the hostage, and/or blow the other team to bits. Enjoy! --- Copyright --- Not this time. I cannot in all fairness say that this map is exclusively my own work, since it's so similar to the original cs_mansion map. However, I copied nothing, I just looked at the original, made some sketches and that was it. Also, a lot of the textures used I got from external sources, some of which may not know I'm using them :) Hope you don't mind, guys. --- Credits --- Author: Willennium (Wilhelm Svenselius) [**email removed**] Using: Q3Radiant 1.0 beta build 181 Thanks to: Iz (glass shaders), Hipshot (grass & gate textures), SPoG, Wolfen & Laerth (some textures), Grow (lots of textures!). Hmm of course I don't know if those guys actually made them or if they got them from somewhere else .. but whathefuck. www.quake3mods.net and www.qeradiant.com (tutorials!!!) prefabs.gamedesign.net (the computer on the 2nd floor) --- So what's different from the original? --- * Moved the chimney. There is a meaning to this - in the original there was just an empty room underneath the chimney. * Ladder on right side replaced by jump pad, as ladders don't exist in Q3. The jumppad can be used to gain access to the roof. * Teleport instead of sewer, 'coz there are no ladders.... * You can jump to the pillar on the right side of the front yard by climbing up on the hedge, to reach the quad damage. * You can't shoot through the walls like you could in CS ... however you can shoot thru the hedge. * The pool is deeper, and with transparent water. * The little house on the left side of the front yard is bigger, and has two more windows. * Added two trees to the front yard. * This is a night map, so it's dark outside but there are lots of little lamp posts to compensate for that. * No security cameras outside, making those in q3 would require use of portals and those cause major lag, plus they bob from side to side which looks bad. * Added some cool movie posters to the outside wall - and of course a proper gate with a lamp over it instead of that plain opening. The outside part is now a road, complete with speed sign and sidewalk. * New furniture, including the aforementioned 2nd floor computer. * A cool moving lights floor effect. * Completely different lightning everywhere! * None of the textures look much like the ones used in cs_mansion * Q3-style doors, since q3 doesn't support rotating ones. * Lots of more things ... play and see for yourself! <eof>
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