Author: Henrik"StjartMunnen"Bjork(Anomali Level Design)
Date: 2004 06 28
mailadress: **email removed**
Bsp name: anodm2.bsp
Constuction time: 2 months (3 days building, the rest tweaking aas,items etc)
Compile time: 1 hour
Tools: Q3RADIANT 202, q3Build 1.1
compiling system: xp1800,512ddr,ATI Radeon 9800 pro.
Gametype: FFA
Recommended playerload: 2-7
Botsuport: Yes
Items/Weapons: 1 RL, 1 RG, 1 SG, 1 LG, 1 PG, 1 RA,5 armourshards,
3 health, 1 health(large), 1 health(mega), 3 health(small),
Spawns: 11
New sounds: No
New texture: Some from Lunaran even more from Evillar and a "map-center" logo
courtesy of Astrocreep @
New models: No
Thanks to:

ID software For a great game!
Map Center (astrocreep) For a wonderful forum.Thanks to all who helped me at the forum.
Map center is by far the greateast source of inspiration to
me when it comes to mapping.(
Godmil For helping
Rayden For beta testing (not THIS map but his surggestions helped
in making this one)
Lunaran For the texturepack (
Evillair For the texturepack.And for still supporting the q3 community.(
jaj For the skybox (
Horoma For beta testing
Shine For beta testing AND lending his nick ;)
Anwolf For beta testing
Hex For beta testing AND for providing download link for the betas
Donkey For beta testing
Twistwed For beta testing

Everyone at M-C With out the people at that forum I wouldnt be much of a mapper.


This map was the first map I had drawn on paper (the WHOLE map) and it really payed off.
Constuction time:Four and a half hours...geometry wise.Now thats a leap for me.Maps tend
to take months for me.
Oh yes!Description of the map...This is a steal/concrete floater in the dead of winter high
above Antarctica (thanks to jaj @ for the skybox).
Ive used quite a lot of pillars(8) cos
I didnt want the railgun to be absolutley dominant.So theres some room for dodging behind
those.With the help of Evillair the map has a clean/cold look.
Despite its name Anodm2 is my first official map release.

Hope you like it

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