Scorpion by Cardigan
24th December 2001

FFA / Tourney map for Quake3Arena


Title: Scorpion
File: map-scorpion-cardigan.pk3
BSPs: scorpion.bsp, scorpiontourney.bsp
Author: Cardigan (Dan Evans)
Email address: **email removed**
Description: small to medium sized pseudo-Victorian space deathmatch(!?)

scorpion.bsp (the green one) is designed for 3-6 players FFA. Bots do fine on this one.
scorpiontourney.bsp (the blue one) is designed for 1 on 1 play, but would also lend itself to instagib or other itemless mods. The bots don't play this one too well....


Final Version 1.2
Added tourney remix map.
Fixed evil phantom door bug on FFA map.
Improved tail jump.
Reduced bsp size considerably by upping the granularity of the lightgrid (almost visually unnoticeable).
Fixed most z-fighting. Some still remains, but it is small enough that you can only really see it in zoom mode and in 16 bit colour.
Few aesthetic tweaks here and there.
Few item placement, botplay and timing tweaks.

Version 1.1
Fixed a few bugs (mainly botplay) and made one or two aesthetic changes since the version I entered for the Quake3World newbie mapping competition 2001.

If you have any previous versions of this map, please delete them before playing, or very bad things will happen!

How to play
Make sure you have the .pk3 file in your baseq3 directory and off you go!

Type "\map scorpion" or "\map scorpiontourney" into the console or choose the map through the skirmish menu.


new sounds: yes, edited in Soundforge 5.0 from samples taken from the fantastic public sound effects library at the Anders Larsson Company website:

new textures: yes, all textures except for the flames (id original) made in Photoshop 6.0 by me. Some textures contain photographic elements taken from my own photographs, and the following rather groovy public photo collections:
Travis Price's Texture Bin 342: www.digitalcraftsm.../textureBin.htm
Jeremy A. Engleman's Public Textures:
Some wrought iron and brass designs based on designs from

new shaders: certainly - made with the help of the marvellous Quake 3 Arena Shader Editor (Q3ASE) by Bert Peers:

smoke shader created with the help of the also marvellous Particle Studio:

new models: no, I haven't figured out gmax yet..... :)

new music: yes - by kind permission - a cut-down loop of "The New Evil" by Invisible Technologies. If you like it (and how could you not?) you can download the whole mp3 from my website (when it stops being under construction - ETA Jan 2002).


Gameplay Features:

FFA Version:
The doors in the tail open with a steam horn sound every so often (the lasers also switch on) - running into them will get you seriously tooled up, but there is a nasty catch.......

Rain on that camper's parade by pressing the button marked "PUSH ME" at the back of the furnace under the spinning blades! if you can get there without being BFG'd that is.... :)

It is possible to get the haste, but its pretty tricky... :)

Tourney Version:
The tail doors can be used at any time, but the railgun is only available when the lasers are lit (20 second respawn).

The "PUSH ME" button still works :)

The teleporter destinations aren't as random as they might at first appear.........

Both Versions
There is a cool figure-of-eight trickjump (included accidentally!) that will get you two gold health bubbles, and impress everyone!



base: from scratch
editor: GTKRadiant 1.1.1
build time: erm...... far too long - 6 months on and off including learning how to use Radiant and at least 2 complete rebuilds.
compile time: ??


(Frequently Unanswered Questions)

How come the scorpion doesn't have any claws?

When the f**k are you going to get off that bloody computer?

Daddy, if guns are bad, why are there so many in your map?


Thanks to....

Everyone at the Q3W Level Editing forums for their support, especially quint for his valuable pre-beta feedback, Kat, Rrroooaaarrr, QPSiren and eskimo roll for playtesting the beta with me, ghad and qKennyq for their helpful comments on the beta, and Quakin for his ideas for the tourney remix. Oh, and wormsign for posting that Scorpion was his favourite recent map! :) Thanks man!

id software for making Q3.

Bert Peers for programming Q3ASE.

nunuk and quint for mapping inspiration.

Jean-Paul Jeunet and Marc Caro (directors of the film "The City of Lost Children" ) for texture inspiration.

Terminal for running the mapping comp and giving me the motivation to finish a map :)

My partner Megan and son Fred for putting up with me and contributing lots of good ideas and generally being splendid.

Distribution / Copyright / Permissions

Level design and texture art copyright Dan 'Cardigan' Evans, November 2001

Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of
id Software, Inc.

This level may be electronically distributed only at
NO CHARGE to the recipient in its current state, MUST
include this .txt file, and may NOT be modified IN