Deep Element
by Foo & Brisk

Title : foo3DM2 - Deep Element (Non-Music Version)

BSP Name : foo3dm2.bsp

Author : =K= Foo and =K= Brisk

Release Date : June 2001

Email Address' : **email removed**, **email removed**, **email removed**

Home Page :

Map Description : Interestingly, this gothic FFA map started out as a tight tech tourney map... Thats evolution for ya... Much of the gameplay props go to Brisk, but I'll take credit for the actual construction and styling :)
Keep a look out for the Music-enabled version of this map, to be released prettey soon....

Other Info : Second map in the series, but this time the work was shared between 2 people. I think the results prove that we make a good team.

Other maps by Author : Foo3DM1 - Dry Ice (see website)

Additional Thanks to : All of clan =K= and everyone else who beta tested for us. The peeps at the Level editing forum for always being willing to lend a hand, and everyone who we know and respect at
* Installation *
To install, simply unzip and place foo3dm2.pk3 in your baseq3 directory wherever you installed Quake3: Arena. The map should now be accessible via the Multiplayer or Skirmish menu or by typing "\map foo3dm2" at the console without the quotes.

* Play Information *
Deathmatch : 2-6
Player Base : Free-For-All, Tourney
Bot File (aas) : Yes

* Construction *
Base : From scratch
Construction Time : 2 months, give or take a week ;)
Compile Time : 2h30m
Machine : K6-2 500mhz, 128mb RAM, V3 2000
Editor used : Q3Radiant (GTK Sucks!)

* Copyright / Permissions *
You may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.
You may distribute this BSP in any electronic format (BBS, Internet,
PC/Game Mag cover-CD, etc) but you MUST inform us before you do this.