The Ghost Contea
GHOSTCONTEA - Quake 3 Arena map -
TITLE: The Ghost Contea - by JonnYReds Author: Rino --- Franciacorta --- Italy
email: **email removed** -

EDITOR USED: QuArK 6.5, Paint Shop Pro, Pakscape, Editpad


GAME TYPE: ffa_tourney

FILENAME: ghostcontea.pk3

RELEASE: 03-2021

Yes, Rino is back dedicating myself a bit to my old love for the mapping,
in these strange 2020s Looking for some ideas, I designed this
small map, ffa_tourney, made in free time and for fun
The Ghost Contea for Quake 3 Arena. Enjoy!

WEAPONS AND POWER-UP: Rocketlauncher - Railgun - Plasmagun - Shotgun
-Megahealth - Armor Body
BOTS: Keel - Cadavre - Gorre - Skeletor

There is desolation and spectral silence in the Contea of Ghosts,
only some gusts of wind. In this forgotten little county, once thriving
now inhospitable and sinister, damaged everywhere by signs of ghostly battles
and imbued with malefician presences.

Unpack the file, you will find a PK3 file, put it in baseq3 directory.
to start game go to the skirmish menu maps, choose ghostcontea.
Have Fun!

The levels and maps present in this file, made by Rino, are of its creation and property,
and are available for free for fans of this classic game.
Rino, only on required written, can consent to make modifications to its map.
Quake III Arena 1999 Id Software,
are the authors and trademarks of their respective owner.