Masher's Playground
Mapname : Masher's Playground
Filename : dm_mm1.bsp
Suggested player load : 2-6 (This does of course depend on personal preferences)
Weapons : Rocket Launcher, Plasma Gun(2), Lighting Gun, Shotgun, Railgun

supported gametypes : FFA & Tournament

Release date : March, 1 2000

Author : Daniel 'Mr.Masher' Brandt
Email : **email removed**
Web :
Other maps by me : None so far (more to come!)

Compile machine : P3 500, 128 MB SDram PC100

BSP time : 00.19 minutes
VIS time : 53.55 minutes
Light time : 30.83 minutes
BSPC time : ---

build time : Ohhh, don't ask :-)

Software used : Q3Radiant (,
Quark (,
PaintShopPro6 (,
TextPad (,
Q3aToolsGUI (

Some words : This map is the face lifted version of a so called "hybrid map"
which was available for Q3Test 1.05/1.08. The map was originally
done using a normal Quake2 editor. When Q3Radiant became available,
I used this map to learn the editor. I replaced all the "faked curves"
with real curve patches. I added new detail here and there and changed
architecture in some areas. Actually, I didn't plan to release this
map, because it has a framerate problem in one place. However, I got
alot of requests from people who just liked the gameplay back in the
old Q3Test days, so I decided to release it. Please, if you review this
map, keep in mind that the base was done using a Q2 editor!

If you have an older Video card (TNT1 for example), you will need to
lower the texture quality to have smooth gameplay. Newer cards
(TNT2 for example) should run fine. I didn't test this map on any
Voodoo card , but I believe it wouldn't run very good (By Voodoo cards
I mean cards which were available when I released this map, not the
upcoming V4 & V5 cards!) Let me know about the performance on Voodoo
cards if you own one.

Feedback is welcome!

Installation : Extract the contents of this zip archieve to x:\your_quake3_path\baseq3\
Start Quake 3 Arena and select the map from the multiplayer menu.
Have fun!

I used some textures from the ThreeWave CTF addon. If you don't have it,
you can get it here:

It's a huge download (about 7.5 MB), but it's worth it! Trust me.

Thanx to : id Software for a great game and an awesome engine,
Robert Duffy from id Software for a kick ass editor,
Zathras, Petey, Bugbear and Link for playtesting and
their comments and suggestions

I'm sorry if I forgot someone here!

Legal notes : Copyright (c) 2000 Daniel Brandt (aka Mr.Masher)
All rights reserved.

Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of
id Software, Inc.

This level may be electronically distributed only at
NO CHARGE to the recipient in its current state, MUST
include this .txt file, and may NOT be modified IN