Time To Kill The Pain
October 01, 2016
Title : Time To Kill The Pain
Description : remake of the legendary Q1 DM level "Painkiller" by Sten 'ZTN' Uusvali for Quake3:Arena
Filename : obs3dm5.bsp
Author : Obydenniy 'Obsessed' Konstantin
E-mail : **email removed**

* Play Information *

Designed for : Tourney, FFA (up to 7, imho)
Bots : Yes
New graphics : Yes
New sounds : No (standard q3 and q2 sounds)
Powerups : Battle suit

IMPORTANT: Skirmish -> Team DM -> obs3dm5 presents BFG-version, suited for FFA, not Teamplay! Take a look, please. :)

I saw RasputiN's remix of Painkiller (2003), and decided to make a bigger version with BFGs (it reminds Q1 RocketLauncher a bit).
Nevertheless, no-bfg-version seems to me to be more thrilling.

* Credits *

All textures by Hipshot and ID Software. Teleport texture by xnienke.
Thanks to Hipshot for his shaders, they r very c00l!

* Programs *

Q3 Radiant build 202, Adobe Photoshop, Notepad.

Have fun! :)