Deep Purple

Date : 09/12/2016
Filename : akutatourney6.pk3
MapName : Deep Purple
Author : AKUTA
Email : **email removed**

Website :

Description : Re-make of the original ID map: Space Chamber (q3dm18)
: Always thought this map was pretty kool, but always
: thought it was cluttered and the pitfalls created too many
: disruptions in game flow. Pitfalls have been removed and the
: layout adjusted but staying similiar to the original map.
: Custom skybox by: Cardigan
: Good for ffa, 1v1, tdm, and freezetag.
: Good vertical gameplay, improved flow, and connectivity.
: Bots play ok
: This is certainly last map =] friend requested it before
: AKUTATOURNEY5 was produced and it just got forgotten about.

Credits : ID Software ; Kevin Johnstone (Rorshach), Cardigan
: Gtk-Radiant
: Sincere apologies for anyone I forgot to mention.

Maps :AKUTATOURNEY ---Centrifuge
:AKUTATOURNEY4---Military Complex
:AKUTATOURNEY5---Core Gravity Drive
:AKUTATOURNEY6---Deep Purple

:All can be obtained at my website:


Base : New level made from scratch. Couple textures from Rorshach, but : mainly ID textures modified by me.
: Custom skybox by: Cardigan
Textures : Kevin Johnstone (Rorshach) for a couple of his textures.
: Modified ID textures by author.

Editor : Gtk-Radiant
Bugs : None.
Build Time : 2 days
Music : Yes
Sounds : Yes
Bot Support : Yes
Application : FFA and some decent 1v1.
Weapons : Shotgun ; Rocket Launcher ; Lightning Gun : Railgun ; Plasma Gun

***Copyright / Permissions***

Quake 3 Arena is a registered trademark of ID Software, INC. and many textures
created by them is used on this map, although all of them are modified by me. This map also incorporates a couple textures from Kevin Johnstone (Rorshach). The skybox was created by: Cardigan.

You may distribute this map FREELY via internet, provided
you include this TXT (readme) file and leave the archive intact with no modifications, and to include the credits as well.
If you would like to use this map in any other way,
please contact me via email: **email removed** or reach me at

Special Gratitude: ID Software, because without your game this would not exist.