July, 2014


Title: Ironwood
Filename: ironwood.pk3
Gametype: CTF
Genre: Gothic
Capacity: 2v2, 3v3
Bot Support: Yes
Author: Pat Howard
Email: **email removed**


My first map in five years. Here's to many more! This map started out
as a creation for the Maverick Servers Summer 2012 Competition, but
it ended up taking a lot more time to finish than the allotted ten
weeks! At the ripe old age of two years, it's finished in time for
summer 2014.

The gameplay goal was to create a small CTF layout for my three quake
buddies and me to enjoy. I tried to strike a balance between
simplicity and replay value, and I think the map turned to be a lot
of fun for 2v2 games.

The theme is a medieval castle in the mountains in early spring.
Colorful stained glass windows provide team indicators as well as
a refreshing break from the subdued stone, wood, and iron materials.
The surrounding peaks are capped year round with snow, but the sun
is out, it's getting warmer and the birds are chirping!

Note: If you're playing with bots, they won't be able to see you
through the fenced windows. Play fair :)

I'd love to know what you think of the map. Please send questions/
comments/constructive criticisms etc. to the email address given above.


Friends HollowFOOT, ImOldButWalkFar, NSW, for gameplay testing!

id Software, ydnar, for an awesome engine, for hosting this map and its review

Phantazm11 for letting me use his Windsong Keep texture set

Sock for his great bouncer/torch models, flags, skybox, wind/flame
sounds, and inspiration.

Tabun for dirty decals

reinsamba at for bird sounds

Hipshot for his one awesome concrete texture that covers about
256 square units of the map. Very important :), and the quake live
forums for feedback and encouragement



This map may only be redistributed with prior consent or submission
of the author, Patrick Howard.

You may not alter the current state of this .pk3 file in any way
without my permission.

If this map is used as a base or starting point for another, you
must credit me in your readme.

Textures labeled "phant" were created by Phantazm11 using photosourced
material from These images may not be redistributed by
default. Please visit for more information."


Thanks for downloading!