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================================================================ Title : A brush too far - UMP1 version Filename : ump1ctf5.bsp Author : r3tina Email Address : **email removed** Date : 15 April 2002 Version : final (v.1) Description : Pretty large CTF map Map Info : Players: 8-10 recommended, 16 max. Added Team Arena entities and powerups in this version. Credits go to: : id Software for creating Quake III Arena, Loki for GTKRadiant, The guys from Quake3World's levelediting forum, Phooka for his UMP initiative and Clan CFS for beta testing. ================================================================= * Construction * Computer : AMD TBird-C 1.2GHz 256MB RAM Editor(s) used : GTKradiant TA beta, Q3Toolkit for compiling Build Time : About 3 months on and off Compile time BSP: 113 sec. VIS: 1064 sec. Light -extra: 10813 sec. BSPC: 260 sec. Known Bugs : -console error - Ammo_slugs not reachable by bots. I couldn't get this fixed, and the slugs are definately reachable (at least by human players). -RSpeeds are good throughout the map (4-5k), but when standing on the ledge in the red or bluebase while facing the entrance RSpeeds peak at 9-10k. I know this is a bit high (although med. to high-end systems won't have a problem with this), but lowering the speeds would mean I should redesign a significant part of both bases. I didn't felt like doing that, partly because I want to move on to a next map. It's something I will keep in mind in future work, though. This map is hosted at The Engines of Creation - www.planetquake.com/eoc ================================================================= This map is 2001 RJL and may only be distributed by electronic means (e.a. Internet or BBS). Please don't copy this map or parts of it without my permission. Wizeguy Eternal by phooka 3wave, q3actf and TA compatible In memory of KN|PhOeNiX and UC|Wizeguy Credits: all the people in the www.quake3world.com forums TA section... plus --- > Krischan "GrimReaper" Makowka by the OAKS mikemajernik by the Crow Yves Allaire, aka evil lair by the portals IkkaKeranen by the Indoor Wooden Texturing **email removed** www.phooka.net date: 18th March 2002. Quake3Arena CTF level ==================================================== title: Pyramids file: pyramids.pk3 author: Q email address: **email removed** description: Large CTF map also supports TA & 3W ==================================================== play information CTF: yes tourney: deathmatch: yes TDM: yes Bot File (aas): yes other: no new sounds: no new graphics: no new music: no Player load: 8-16 how to play place pyramids.pk3 in your /baseq3/ folder choose it from the skirmish menu to play ==================================================== Original construction editor: GTK Radiant know bugs: None build time: about 3 weeks. compile time: about 4 hours for everything Build PC: Athlon 900, 512Mb, GEFORCE 2 DDR ==================================================== ==================================================== CREDITS Sock for the Egypt textures and for allowing me to edit them to make CTF versions and Launchpads The water & energy effects are based on id stuff The launchpads are a combination of id & sock The 3W people for letting me use the unified textures Sock for the Skybox todd gantzler for the model Weapon markers are based on another sock texture (thanks again!) ==================================================== ==================================================== Notes This 1 started life as a simple conversion to ctf from the outpost map. After beta testing for 3w though it was rebuilt radicaly. Q ==================================================== ==================================================== Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc. This level may be electronically distributed only at NO CHARGE to the recipient in its current state, MUST include this .txt file, and may NOT be modified IN ANY WAY. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES IS THIS LEVEL TO BE DISTRIBUTED ON CD-ROM WITHOUT PRIOR WRITTEN PERMISSION. ==================================================== April 20, 2002 (re-release... see below for notes on changes) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Title: T I T A N S Map name: ump1ctf4 Game: Quake 3 Arena CTF, Threewave CTF (all modes), and Team Arena SEE REQUIREMENTS SECTION FOR VERSION INFO 8-14 players Author: Joel Baxter (aka Johnny Law) Other work: jlctf1 "Grazer Station" clan arena "Lost Colossus" for m3amap1 q3wcp15 "Industrial Revolution" Email: **email removed** URL: www.neogeographica.com/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ * Description * A long-abandoned temple complex spanning two lofty plateaus, in a mist-wreathed mountain range. Undiscovered by modern man... until now. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ * Requirements * NOTE: this map requires Quake 3 version 1.29f or later. Titans is for CTF styles of play that do well with larger maps. It was originally designed for public server play, large-team Team Arena games, botplay, and as an experiment for Challenge ProMode CTF. It was not intended for 4-on-4 competitive Q3CTF league play; I would think that Titans would be unusual at best for that. You can play Titans using the CTF mode of Quake 3, or with the official Team Arena mission pack. You can also play it using one of the mods Threewave (www.threewave.com)) OSP (www.orangesmoothie.org)) or CPMA (www.promode.org)) Other mods that preserve the basic Quake 3 CTF style of play should also work fine too. Grapple mods may be problematic though; see the "gameplay notes" section below. Also see the "known issues" section for a couple of things related to botplay. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ * Changes from the originals * Titans was originally released a little over a year ago as separate maps for Team Arena and non-Team Arena play, since Quake 3 did not yet have the capability to store different item sets for those play modes in the same map. For its re-release as part of Unofficial Map Pack 1, I've basically merged the two maps into one, using the new entity features provided by Quake 3 patches and by the Threewave mod. I generally resisted the temptation to use this opportunity to revisit the item layout, but I did make the following changes: - In the original titans_ctf, one of the weapon spots had a nailgun in CCTF and nothing in normal CTF. I would have liked to have put a plasmagun there for normal CTF if Q3 had supported that sort of item distinction. Now it does, so now there's a plasmagun there for normal CTF. - For similar reasons, the in-base yellow armor (one for red team, one for blue team) is now replaced by a green armor in CCTF. - Since the release of titans_ta, id has increased the power of the nailgun in patches. I don't like having the new-style nailgun available in the fairly enclosed base area right next to the flag and an ammo regen powerup, so for TA play that weapon spot now holds a lightning gun (same as in the other modes of play) rather than a nailgun. - The originals had bad entity properties on the throne doors that caused those doors to open too far; when a throne door was open, its top edge would protrude out of the lap of the statue. Fixed that. I haven't changed anything else about the map. If you have one or both of the original maps, I would recommend deleting them and using this map instead. FYI for Team Arena players: If you already have the Team Arena "menu video" for titans_ta (in roq-titans_ta.pk3), you can use it with this map if you use WinZip to extract titans_ta.RoQ from the pk3 file, rename it to ump1ctf4.RoQ, and then put it back into that pk3 file (or create another pk3 file to hold it). Be careful to store it so that the "video/" filepath is preserved. If you don't have that Team Arena menu video but would like to (or if the above process sounds like too much work), then check the Titans page of neogeographica.com. It currently has a download link for the titans_ta menu video, and I'll also make available a version renamed for use with ump1ctf4. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ * Gameplay notes * * At the "ladders", you can drop down to the ground at the foot of the ladder without taking damage or making noise... just think of it as "climbing down the ladder really really fast". * When played using a mod that has a grapple, there are surfaces in Titans that should be "ungrappleable" to prevent the most extremely lame forms of hiding: the mountain face, the interiors of the center chimneys, and the exterior walls that face onto the deathfog. For these surfaces to be "ungrappleable", the mod must support that particular feature. At the time of the original release of Titans, it seemed reasonable to expect sufficient mod support for that feature. However, the current state of things... CPMA supports ungrappleable surfaces (yay arQon). I was under the impression that OSP did too, or had planned to do so, but when I checked the most recent version the feature wasn't there; I've pinged them about that just to see what's up, and I suppose there's a chance that OSP might still get on board (especially since it tends to share features with CPMA), but no guarantee of course. CCTF is the biggest disappointment in this regard, as it is the main "grapple mod" and it had the feature already in place in a patch that was about ready for release, but then they went through some problems and were absorbed by Threewave, and now Threewave CCTF doesn't have this feature. So... at this point, a year after the original release of Titans, you can imagine that I have little interest in re-convincing mod coders to have this feature, or in substantially reworking the map to accomodate a certain set of players who will almost certainly never adopt the map for regular play. So just consider this a heads-up. If you want to play with a grapple on Titans, you'll be fine in friendly games where you can have whatever house rules you wish about flag carriers hiding outside the playing area. Any sort of organized competition could also make and enforce such rules. But a public- server game on Titans with a grappling hook could turn silly. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ * Credits and appreciation * All media from other authors used and/or modified with permission. Media credits: - Teleporter model: Todd "Mr.CleaN" Rose. Skin replaced by me... doesn't look nearly as good, but fits in with the map's theme now. - Colossus model and skin: Bjornar "Ewooz" Johansen; starting from the original "judge" model, I tinted the skin, removed the throne, and "supersized" the model. - Fountain model and skin: Ranjeet "Rungy" Singhal; I've added surfaceparm trans to the skin and reshaped the model. - Pool brick texture (cosmo_brick48_mod4.jpg): a hacked-up, resized, tinted version of a texture from CosmoGraph (www.saturn-on..._main_native.htm)) - Brick and stone textures: based on Mr.CleaN's Egyptian textureset; variations by me are indicated with the _mod suffix. The mrclean_based_combo_tiles texture is a composite of multiple textures. - ctf_unified logo textures and shaders from Threewave (marked with the ctfu_ prefix). - door_layer.tga was extracted from an id Q3 texture. - The envmapmach_ textures are variants on an id Q3 texture. - Skybox: made by me using TerraGen (www.planetside.co.uk/)) - The glyphs are letters from the synthetic language Denden, of which I know very little other than it looks cool and its font was free for any use. If you're curious I'm sure a Google search will turn up more. - Shaders in titans_ump.shader are created by me or based on existing shaders as credited. - Wind sounds: Free sounds from around the Web, don't remember where. - Teleporter sound: this is drone_starship from Death2Uall's Industrial Pack 1 (factory.thebackburner.com/)) Other thanks: - David/phooka for putting together the UMP and asking that Titans be included; also, the various folks who recommended Titans to him (BlaZeD, nitin, anyone else). - Jan "MrElusive" Paul for much help with the bot support. - The denizens of the Quake3World level editing forum, for advice and entertainment. - bushboy, nakedape, some guy i know, Maj, and Drunken Boxer for comments and suggestions. The entire M3A team for help with the previous incarnation of parts of this map as an RA3 clan arena. - Clan Plaid for being my "gaming support group". - Of course, Robert Duffy, Paul Jaquays, and the rest of id software; and Timothee Besset and the Q3Radiant ninjas. Tools: - GtkRadiant 1.1-TA (www.gtkradiant.com/) - q3map 1.0r and bspc 2.1e - The GIMP 1.2.0 (www.gimp.org/) - Milkshape 3D 1.4.3 (www.swissquak...mbalum-soft/ms3d/) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ * Map specs * Base: media and some architecture from my clan arena "Lost Colossus", in m3amap1 New sounds: Yes; see the credits above New graphics: Yes, almost completely; see the credits above Build time: Dec 2000 to Mar 2001; TA/CTF versions merged April 2002 Brush count: 8047 Entity count: 1255 Max polygons in view: approx. 9000 * Imagelist size: approx. 3.1 Mtexels ** * This is the max r_speeds value with gun display enabled, 3D icons, 3D items, and high detail geometry, as viewed from the normal playing field. It is possible to see higher values when spectating/noclipping/grappling to the highest points in the map. ** This is the imagelist size at r_picmip 1 (2nd-highest texture quality) in unmodified Q3; original Q3 standard is 3 Mtexels. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ * Known issues * This map was designed to the system specs for Team Arena. It should perform as well as the large Team Arena maps (hopefully better), but it will be more taxing to your system than older Q3CTF maps. There are a couple of interesting jumps that can only be successfully made if pmove_fixed is enabled and pmove_msec set to a good value (like 8). Or if pmove_fixed is disabled and you have a really high framerate. I am fairly happy with the bot play on this map. There's one little quirk, and here it is: bots are extraordinarily hesitant about going after the yellow armors in the middle. They pause and run in place for a bit before jumping over. Because of this I haven't given any extra weight to those armors, and I don't think that bots will ever go to get them unless you tell them to. Because of the large open areas of this map, bots have a lot to think about. There are no pathologically bad areas for the bots, but there's no getting around the basic structure of the map that eats more AI cycles than a map with small contained spaces would. So, systems with slower CPUs will experience some framerate drop when loading up large bot teams on this map. If you play in 16-bit color, your graphics card loses some precision in determining how far away polygons are from you; this can lead to distant polygons getting mixed in with each other and looking odd. You can see this effect on the large statue; nothing I can do about that. It also affects the special effect of the colored runes "bleeding in" at the tops of the obelisks. Other than that, I think I've gotten rid of any other bad visual effects that can happen to the map in 16-bit color. (At the cost of increasing the texel count a bit.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ * Copyright / Permissions * All media used in this creation remain property of their respective owners; they are used here with permission. The author reserves all rights concerning this creation not superceded by prior claims and not waived in this document. You may of course install this map on a Q3 game server, and you may install it for a Q3 client to play the map alone or on a game server. You may not use this map as a base for creating other works without permission from the author. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ * THIS LEVEL IS NOT MADE BY OR SUPPORTED BY id Software * * REQUIRES REGISTERED VERSION OF QUAKE3:TEAM ARENA for TA Game Modes * * REQUIRES REGISTERED VERSION OF QUAKE3 * Released: April 6, 2002 ================================================== Title : Palindrome Filename : hal_palindrome.PK3 Author : John "Hal9000" Schuch Email Address : **email removed** Homepage : www.whatthehal.com Description : Quake3 CTF Level =================================================== * Play Information * Game : Quake3 reg. : Quake3 Team Arena for TA modes Map Name : hal_palindrome Bot play : Yes Deathmatch 2-10 : No Capture the Flag : Yes One Flag CTF : Yes Obelisk : Yes Harvester : Yes ================================================== * Construction * Program : q3Radiant v200e Base : Scratch Original Construction time : Uhh who knows.. maybe two weeks? ================================================== * Copyright / Permissions * Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels. This map or any part of it may *NOT* be distributed over any medium at this time, or anytime in the future, for profit in any form of currency, credit, or rocks and pebbles (depending on your culture). This compiled .bsp may *NOT* be decompiled or reverse engineered for any purpose whatsoever. ================================================== * Etc * Thanks to EvilLair for his cool textures! www.planetquake.com/hfx/ Thanks to whoever made the skybox... I've had it for so long I can't remember where I got it. I take no credit for it whatsoever. I wish I knew where it came from, sorry bout that. John -Hal9000- Schuch Gone with ThA Frag by phooka 3wave, q3actf and TA compatible Credits: all the people in the www.quake3world.com forums TA section... SKYBOX BY JUSTIN FISHER>>> thx! :) <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<UMP1CTF7/XNONE3CTF1: Egyptian Enigma Readme>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> author: XceptNone (Eric Wong) date: October 27th, 2001 email address: **email removed** website (clan page): www.totalkonfuzion.com Description: My first public release for Q3A. This is an Egyptian themed Q3 CTF map. It was a finalist in the Threewave CP3 Map contest however it just failed to make the cut :( Play Information Bot File (aas): yes new sounds: no new graphics: Sock's Egyptian textures, and a few new ones made by me based on Sock's work new music: no supported gametypes: Q3 CTF, all TA gametypes, all 3W gametypes (CCTF and CTFS) how to play place the enclosed pk3 into /baseq3 (if downloaded separate, and not as part of UMP 1) start quake 3 arena base: none editor: GtkRadiant 1.1.1-TA known bugs: none, bots should work satisfactory build time: 1 month build/compile machine: Athlon Xp 1600+, 256mb pc2100 ram, GeForce 2 Ti Special thanks to... DariGaaz, Imodium and Bitchkiller of my clan TotalKonfuzion for their help and advice on the layout of this map Casey and Scancode of the Threewave CTF mod team. Your advice during the beta tests for CP3 has made me a better mapper! I hope I get to work with you guys again in the future :) Sock for the custom textures used in this map Con Artist for recreating the eagle banner mapobject (cool stuff :) ) Phooka for organizing the Unofficial Map Packs project, which I am a proud member of id Software for Quake 3 Arena Other works by author THE FINAL STAND RtCW MP map: Wolf MP map based on the final scene of Saving Private Ryan, with a few changes to suit the gameplay of RtCW. Currently in beta as of 4/20/2002. Can be found at: mapcentral.eu...p?page=map&id=116 Distribution / Copyright / Permissions Copyright (c) 2002 XceptNone (Eric Wong) **email removed** All rights reserved. Quake III Arena and Quake III Team Arena are registered trademarks of id Software, Inc. This level may be electronically distributed only at NO CHARGE to the recipient in its current state, MUST include this .txt file, and may NOT be modified IN ANY WAY. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES IS THIS LEVEL TO BE DISTRIBUTED ON CD-ROM WITHOUT PRIOR WRITTEN PERMISSION. "Hydrogen" by keditok April 16, 2002 This is "Hydrogen", a small fast CTF map, also compatible with all Team Arena, and Threewave game types. Play is somewhat similar to Q3CTF1. Recommended for teams of 3-5. . . . and remember please this is aimed at fast, fun, and possibly tourney play. Tt was built with furious gameplay in mind in the team spirit, not to be pretty. If you can't take the heat, stay out of the arena! :p Of interest, the original map was made as part of a week long friendly mapping competition, better known as turtle mapping. Enjoy. Special thanks to the turtle mappers, Sir Fragalot, Shallow, Darth, Tetzlaff, Boromir, toddg33, Rayden, and of course the Threewave crew. Also thanks to Astrocreep, and the crew at Map-Center. Thanks to everyone else who helped me beta test. All content is copyright by id, or keditok. Please do not distribute, this map or any of my beta maps for commercial purposes without my consent. Also, please delete any beta maps when a final has been released to minimize hard drive use, and to make sure the map plays and looks great Thanks, keditok **email removed** To install UMP1 simply extract the zip wherever U want, then drag UMP1.pk3 and ump_media.pk3 into your baseq3 folder. Put the documentation wherever you like! :D
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