Genghis Khan
by WaSp
MAP for Quake 3 arena. march 27th 2000 WaSp

Author: WaSp
filename. Genghis_Khan.pk3
Map: Genghis_Khan.bsp
Files: Genghis_Khan.bsp
Installation: Unzip this into /baseq3 folder
Go to arena menu/its in there somewhere :-) or type "map genghis" in the console ,if you are taken back to the main menu and the map wont load put this command in your config file or type it in the console seta sv_pure "0".

email: **email removed**

Details: 2-6 player DM ffa map.

credits: Id software for making a great game/games.
StoneCold,PUFF and MArK for their input.
Shovel and Rev for looking at me screenys
The guys at Z-AXIS for their generous and encouraging review of TANTRUM
special thanx to Hubster for his support,help and inspiration [so it leaks huh !!] ;-)


Single Player : Bots
Cooperative : No
Deathmatch : Yes
Team Deathmatch : no
# of Players : 2-6
Difficulty Settings : Bots
New Sounds : No
New Graphics : No
New Music : N0

Editor used: Q3Radiant

previous maps : TANTRUM

I apologise in advance to all those who just dont quite feel at home without hallways ,high frames and pipe textures on pipes :-)
2 rocketlaunchers
2 shottys
1 rail
1 plasmagun
1 grenadelauncher
yet another open area style map......I am gonna get this idea down one day if it kills me.
I am almost happy with this one......took quite a while to build
an improvement on TANTRUM.....but still not quite what I I guess I will build another one pretty soon.
additional comments : YER