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Space Invaders N Junk
+==============================================================================+ Title : Space Invaders N Junk Filename : q3scamp20b.bsp Author : Scampie Email Address : **email removed** Facebook : www.facebook....e/183535981700815 Thanks to : The entire Func_Terrafusion community Sock for helping me get the aas working Q3W for running this competition Basically everyone who's worked on Radiant over the years +==============================================================================+ What is this!? : This is a 20 brush map for Quake3. There are space invaders +==============================================================================+ Editor used : GTKRadiant 1.5 Brushcount : 45 Entitycount : 96 Build utils : Q3map2 + bspc Build time : bsp 11 seconds light goddamn forever for some reason vis less than a second +==============================================================================+ This .bsp file may NOT be distributed for any commercial purposes. The .map source is included. This may be used for any noncommercial purpose including reworks, remixes, or as a base to a new creation. Any derivative work must also include this original .txt and .map, as well as making it's own source available. Please refer to Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 creativecommo...ses/by-nc-sa/3.0/
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