Chapter 1 (Mapping Molecules)

Title: Glucosa
Filename: glucosa.pk3
Maps: glucosa.bsp
Email Adress: **email removed**
Player: AiO.Wiz
Home Page:

where the player goes makes a charge on the part of the map, so every play spot is consider
an energy source, the objective is to create several important sub-structures, by replacing
the map zones with different forms of molecules to be represented in game space;
the recycle of this information could be the construction of energetic zones.


1) Extract glucosa.pk3 into your
quake3/baseq3/ directory
2)Start Quake3
3) Maps will be accessable from the multiplayer menu

*Playing Information*
Type of game:
Glucosa - ffa & team DM (on groups of 2)
Settings: Deathmatch, Duel
Bot Support: Available 2
Level Name: Glucosa
Singleplayer: Quest (WebCode-chat mode),Base DM
Cooperative 2 player: yes
Difficulty Settings: Easy

Computer: Intel 3GHz, 3Gb ram, 2gb video EVGA
Compile Time: 57Min. With Fullvis