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A brush too far
================================================================ Title : A brush too far Filename : rjlctf1.bsp Author : r3tina Email Address : **email removed** Date : 20 April 2001 Version : final (v.1) Description : Pretty large CTF map Map Info : Players: 8-10 recommended, 16 max. Credits go to: : id Software for creating Quake III Arena, Loki for GTKRadiant, The guys from Quake3World's levelediting forum, and Clan CFS for beta testing. ================================================================= * Construction * Computer : AMD TBird-C 1.2GHz 256MB RAM Editor(s) used : GTKradiant TA beta, Q3Toolkit for compiling Build Time : About 3 months on and off Compile time BSP: 113 sec. VIS: 1064 sec. Light -extra: 10813 sec. BSPC: 260 sec. Known Bugs : -console error - Ammo_slugs not reachable by bots. I couldn't get this fixed, and the slugs are definately reachable (at least by human players). -RSpeeds are good throughout the map (4-5k), but when standing on the ledge in the red or bluebase while facing the entrance RSpeeds peak at 9-10k. I know this is a bit high (although med. to high-end systems won't have a problem with this), but lowering the speeds would mean I should redesign a significant part of both bases. I didn't felt like doing that, partly because I want to move on to a next map. It's something I will keep in mind in future work, though. This map is hosted at The Engines of Creation - www.planetquake.com/eoc ================================================================= This map is 2001 RJL and may only be distributed by electronic means (e.a. Internet or BBS). Please don't copy this map or parts of it without my permission.
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