The Longest Capture
* Team Arena custom map readme *

Map pakname: czg3team1.pk3
Map title: The Longest Capture
Map gametypes: CTF, OneFlag, Overload, Harvester
New sounds: No, already used sounds from TA
New models: No, already used models under Team Power-Ups
New textures: No, already used textures from TA
AAS botfile: Yes, optimized
Author: CZghost, **email removed**
Weapons and ammo used: Chaingun + Chaingun Belt (All gametypes)
Rocket Launcher + Rockets (All gametypes)
Railgun + Slugs (All gametypes)
Nailgun + Nails (All gametypes)
Bullets (All gametypes)

Items used: Personal Teleporter (All gametypes)
Invulnerability (Highest platform=OneFlag, Harvester; Underway=CTF, Overload)
Armor + Heavy Armor + Armor Shard (All gametypes)
Large Health (All gametypes)
Medium Health (All gametypes)
Megahealth (All gametypes)
Quad Damage (CTF, Overload)
Ammo Regen (All gametypes)
Doubler (All gametypes)
Guard (All gametypes)

Map info: Remake from original map q3dm17 (The Longest Yard)
How to play:
# Extract pk3 from zip file (if you've downloaded pk3 instead, ignore this)
# Place pk3 into your quake3/missionpack folder
# Launch Team Arena
# Go to Start Server section
# Select gametype from this list (what you prefer)
## Capture The Flag
## OneFlag CTF
## Overload
## Harvester
# Find map CZG3TEAM1
# Add some bots
# Launch and enjoy ;)
Map editor: GTK Radiant 1.5
Map compiler: q3map2 used in Q3map2 Toolz
AAS compiler: bspc used in Q3map2 Toolz

Constrution time: 3 days
Compile time: Few minutes
Compile machine: Pentium 4, NVidia graphics card
Known bugs: none
# If you have found any, please, report at e-mail written upward.
Permissions for use:
# You may use map at your own PC, or at gaming server
# You may write my nickname as author, if you want public my map somewhere
# You may NOT modify the map at any charge
If you found any bug, contact me!