Filename: hangtime.pk3
Author: NaturalSpringWater
Genre: trick jumping (Q3 vanilla physics)

Intended framerate: 85 (not 125!)
/com_maxfps 85

Custom textures/shaders: yes
Custom sounds: no
Bot support: no (no .aas)

Players: 1

.bsp files:

*How to install:
Extract the ZIPFile into your baseq3 folder (you want the .pk3 to reside in baseq3)

*How to play:
/sv_pure 0
/map hangtime
Pick map from deathmatch skirmish menu


-----Map Structure-----
Hangtime is a trick jumping map made for regular q3 with vanilla physics. The jumps in the map force the player to use a wide variety of skills and movement techniques and there is a heavy emphasis on physics. A good understanding of q3 physics will be extremely helpful since many of the jumps are specialized to highlight/demonstrate specific physics aspects. The jumps are arranged in stages with ten jumps to each stage. When you miss a jump you DO NOT get teleported back to the beginning of the stage, only back to the beginning of that jump. (Unlike my previous trick jumping map, jumprun) I decided at some point while making this map that having to redo stuff you've already done is annoying and counterproductive, especially since the map is generally more intensive than jumprun!

The jumps range in difficulty from relatively easy to extremely hard, and generally increase in difficulty throughout each stage. Even the easy ones may seem difficult at first, especially to a novice player or one with weak movement skills.

-----Difficulty options-----
Many of the jumps have "crazy versions" which can be accessed by shooting a tiny button just below the jump's nameplate. The button causes some kind of structural modification which causes the jump to be more difficult to beat. Sometimes the extra challenge results from the crazy version being more intricate and complex than the original, but sometimes it is simply higher or farther. Many of the crazy versions are at a truly ridiculous level. Some of the hardest are honestly present in the map mainly because I would have been disappointed to not include them at the greatest difficulty at which I had ever beaten them.

-----Skills Required-----
You should already have at least a decent ability to strafe jump before even attempting this map.

The most important skill any player needs to learn for this map is the circle jump. All standing jumps or strafe runs should always be started with a circle jump, if possible. The starting speed boost attained from a good circle start is huge and most jumps become very difficult or even impossible without it.

Other important skills you will have to develop are jump timing, crouch timing, slope riding, air control, corner glitching, and optimal 2 and 3 jump strafe-accelerating.

-----Physics Variations-----
The property com_maxfps which can be accessed and modified from the console controls the game's framerate. This map, all my testing, and this document are all based on the standard Q3 value for com_maxfps: 85. Different framerates can have small effects on jump height, and the Defrag standard, 125, is known to have a nice beneficial floaty effect. All the jumps can be done on com_maxfps 85, however setting it to 125 would be a great way to give yourself a small advantage if you're having too much trouble. Framerate 125 will make many jumps a bit easier but could also make some more difficult, especially if you're already accustomed to 85 on them.

Other, more serious ways to give yourself some help:
(Having entered the map via "/devmap" may be necesary for some of these)

1. Give yourself speed (haste):
/give speed
2. Increase g_speed (default: 320):
/g_speed 340
3. Decrease g_gravity (default: 800):
/g_gravity 770
4. Decrease timescale (default: 1):
/timescale .9

I wouldn't advise either of the last two though, they kinda make things feel weird, and timescale is actually a little bugged. For example .3 gives you phenomenal jumping power while .2 seems to take it away.

But timescale is really fun to play around with in any map!

Both the properties g_gravity and g_speed appear to be strangely non-linear when using low values.

----Extra Hints-----
If you can get through the whole map you will undoubtedly have greatly improved your physics understanding and movement skills, regardless of your starting level. There are many things to learn, so here are a few hints to help you along the way:

1. I know I've said it before, but you really need to learn, master, and make use of the circle jump! You should always start every straife run you can with one. It will help you in the jumps and even in normal q3 gameplay. If you don't know what one is look it up!!!

2. Often in this map a three jump accelerate prior to some jump apparatus is necesary, so you'll want to become very good at it. Having good speed before you hit the jump will usually be the best advantage you can give yourself to making it. There is more potential for speed increase over the course of your first three straife jumps then you might expect and, perhaps surprisingly, a single continuous straifing arch is NOT the best way to accerlate down a straight hall 3 jumps in length. You will do much much better if you can find the right place to put an inflection.

3. Focus on smooth mouse motion. It can make a big difference for long-flight air control and accelerating straife runs.

4. At the end of your straife run you will often want to have the correct timing to hit a slope just right or hit a platform right at the edge. But you don't want to have to slow down right at the end. You need to find your correct starting place by iteratively adjusting it based on where you land at the end of the straife run. Correct starting location is based on player speed and therefore is not necesarilly the same for everybody.

5. If you're doing a slant jump where the slant is to your side, you need to lean INTO the slant. (Yes, this may not be obvious to some people)

6. If you jump and then try to crouch in mid-air, you will NOT crouch if you still have the jump key held down. Common mistake.

7. Useful in only a few jumps: You can retain your momentum around a corner even after crashing into it if you land, rejump immediatetly, and clear the corner fast enough. (The corner glitch) A couple of jumps will look impossible to you if you don't know how to do this.

8. If you ever beat jump 10 of stage one on superhard mode you're a quake physics GOD.

9. How to make your quake guy seem drunk: Jump and play around alone for a few minutes in a familiar map at /timescale 2. Then, once you feel you're accustomed to this, suddenly change the timescale back to 1. (normal) Now continue to jump around the map.

10. Eventually there will be a "hangtime2" which will be about 4 stages of rocket jumps and some plasma/bfg.