Return to the Cistern
TABQ1DM5 Return to the Cistern by Tabun 2009-10-27

Title : Return to the Cistern
Filename : tabq1dm5.pk3
Author : Asmodai Tabun
Email Address : **email removed**
Web Sites :

This is my second released map -- the first being "Return to the Entryway" (tabd2map01).
I've picked up a few new techniques and learned better ways to construct maps, and
I hope (and tend to think) it shows.

- Play Information -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Player Base : Designed for FFA (3-5) and tourney.
Note : The map is, and is supposed to be, mainly material for nostalgia-gaming.
It is most enjoyably played with the Generations Arena mod
(, which recreates a mix of old-school
id gameplay in the Quake 3 environment.
Versions :
Default, alternative Q3A-friendly item layout
(RL, RG, LG, SG, GL, PG / RA, MH, YA)
"Purist" version with (mostly) exact item layout from
Quake's DM5.

- Construction ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
Brushes : ~3300
Average R_Speeds : ~7500 world, w/ entities, no players
Worst Case R_Speeds : ~11500 world, w/ entities, no players
Editor(s) used : GTKRadiant 1.5, Photoshop

- Thanks ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Many thanks to:
- The people at Wirehead Studios who helped with testing and feedback (esp. Phoenix,
for doing his usual routing of extensive testing + lengthy and detailed feedback).
- The regulars at the Quake 3 World forum who really dedicate themselves to aiding
other mappers (esp. AEon, for helping me figure out a few technical aspects
of mapping I'd been in the dark on -- and for seeming to spend his every waking
hour browsing the Q3W Forum).

- Textures used --------------------------------------------------------------------------

All textures I've made myself (or composed myself from license-free materials,
mostly from (this includes the texture for the torch).

None of those textures may be modified without my explicit permission.
They may however be freely used for mapping purposes (as-is).
Give full credit where due.

Although I won't make a fuss over it, I'd like to think of this set of textures as
a set that specifically belongs to this map, and that should help to keep it looking
unique. I'd really appreciate it if you, if using these textures, don't build a map
with texture use recognisably similar to tabq1dm5.

- Sounds --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- sounds used:

- 18265 by zippi1 (underwater loop)
- 25879 by acclivity (1shot sharp drip)
- 1014 by RHumphries (1shot several drips)
- 17726 by suonho (1shot weird underwater)
- 60895 by alextundra (1shot creepy choir)
- 32422 by ERH (1shot creepy drone)

All files were (at least slightly) edited.

- Copyright / Permissions ----------------------------------------------------------------

* You MAY:
- Distribute this pak file and/or its contents by any electronic means, provided you leave
the contents unaltered and include this text file, also unaltered.

* You MAY NOT:
- Decompile or reproduce the BSP as a base to build additional levels or pre-fabs.
Make your own damned maps. (But not necessarily your own damn text-files ;))
- Commercially exploit these files or their contents in any way.