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Return to the Cistern
=========================================================================================== TABQ1DM5 Return to the Cistern by Tabun 2009-10-27 =========================================================================================== Title : Return to the Cistern Filename : tabq1dm5.pk3 Author : Asmodai Tabun Email Address : **email removed** Web Sites : http://www.tabun.nl http://www.wireheadstudios.org This is my second released map -- the first being "Return to the Entryway" (tabd2map01). I've picked up a few new techniques and learned better ways to construct maps, and I hope (and tend to think) it shows. - Play Information ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Player Base : Designed for FFA (3-5) and tourney. Note : The map is, and is supposed to be, mainly material for nostalgia-gaming. It is most enjoyably played with the Generations Arena mod (http://www.wireheadstudios.org)) which recreates a mix of old-school id gameplay in the Quake 3 environment. Versions : TABQ1DM5 Default, alternative Q3A-friendly item layout (RL, RG, LG, SG, GL, PG / RA, MH, YA) TABQ1DM5_PURE "Purist" version with (mostly) exact item layout from Quake's DM5. - Construction --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brushes : ~3300 Average R_Speeds : ~7500 world, w/ entities, no players Worst Case R_Speeds : ~11500 world, w/ entities, no players Editor(s) used : GTKRadiant 1.5, Photoshop - Thanks --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Many thanks to: - The people at Wirehead Studios who helped with testing and feedback (esp. Phoenix, for doing his usual routing of extensive testing + lengthy and detailed feedback). - The regulars at the Quake 3 World forum who really dedicate themselves to aiding other mappers (esp. AEon, for helping me figure out a few technical aspects of mapping I'd been in the dark on -- and for seeming to spend his every waking hour browsing the Q3W Forum). - Textures used -------------------------------------------------------------------------- All textures I've made myself (or composed myself from license-free materials, mostly from http://cgtextures.com) (this includes the texture for the torch). None of those textures may be modified without my explicit permission. They may however be freely used for mapping purposes (as-is). Give full credit where due. Although I won't make a fuss over it, I'd like to think of this set of textures as a set that specifically belongs to this map, and that should help to keep it looking unique. I'd really appreciate it if you, if using these textures, don't build a map with texture use recognisably similar to tabq1dm5. - Sounds --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.freesound.org sounds used: - 18265 by zippi1 (underwater loop) - 25879 by acclivity (1shot sharp drip) - 1014 by RHumphries (1shot several drips) - 17726 by suonho (1shot weird underwater) - 60895 by alextundra (1shot creepy choir) - 32422 by ERH (1shot creepy drone) All files were (at least slightly) edited. - Copyright / Permissions ---------------------------------------------------------------- * You MAY: - Distribute this pak file and/or its contents by any electronic means, provided you leave the contents unaltered and include this text file, also unaltered. * You MAY NOT: - Decompile or reproduce the BSP as a base to build additional levels or pre-fabs. Make your own damned maps. (But not necessarily your own damn text-files ;)) - Commercially exploit these files or their contents in any way.
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