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by fKd
================================================================================ * QUAKE III ARENA LEVEL INFORMATION * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TITLE : Tech Edge FILENAME : q3dmp11.pk3 AUTHOR : Peter "fKd" Ward e-Mail : **email removed** HOMEPAGE : no home page DATE : 16/08/09 GAME PLAY TYPE : FFA Default FOV : 110 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * LEVEL DESCRIPTION * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A DM map based on q2's The Edge. I was thinking about when back in the day on a 56k modem with pings of 150-200 (**email removed**) i really enjoyed it. (Voodoo2 grafic cards lol) So with that in mind i drew a wee sketch of how i would redesign it. Various colour themes were tried out, till i settled on this collection of textures. i think it has a funny kinda construction colour theme. after much mucking around something started to come together which turned into this. Well... that was before. After posting this beta from 13.7.09 i got some amazing feedback which helped me rework almost all of the playing spaces as well as removing the rock formation etc.. So Sock and Hipshot and PJW from quake3world level editing forums, Thanks heaps! I've taken more time and worked harder to sclupt more interesting forms instead of using busy textures i've used busy brush work. kinda fun.. but bump maps would make this so much easier... sorry low end users:( Looking forward to getting this new map out and starting something new hmmmmmmm cheers for downloading, visit quake3world it is great and you can learn heaps from a very experiance and mostly friendly group of ppl. I hope you enjoy playing it as much as i enjoyed making it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DEATHMATCH : 9 Player Respawn Points SUGGESTED PLAYER LOAD : 2-4 BOTS : Doom, Grunt, Major WEAPONS : Grenade Launcher,Rocket Launcher, Rail Gun, Shotgun x3, Plasma Gun x2, Lightning Gun POWERUPS/ARMOR : YA x 2, Med Kit, Regen, Teleport, Mega Health -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * CONSTRUCTION * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDITORS USED : GTKradient 1.5 UTILITIES USED : Photoshop, Winrar, Q3Map2 Toolz, Notepad KNOWN BUGS : Not sure of to many, bad clipping mostly. sometimes i cant figure out the best solution without cutting out to much of the players movement... Final Build Command -vis -fast -patchshadows -optimize -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * OTHER LEVELS BY THE AUTHOR * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quake III Arena : q3ctfp3 Quake III Arena : q3dmp4 Quake III Arena : q3dmp9 Unreal Tournament : ctf-433 Unreal Tournament : ctf-sublevel17 Well these are maps im proud-ish of. there are others.. but we will forget about those :) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS OR INFORMATION * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just dump q3dmp11.pk3 into your baseq3 directory. Type /map q3dmp11 in the console. Or go to skirmish->ffa and select q3dmp11. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * CREDITS * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yves Allaire : Textures & JP Model. www.evillair.net/v2/ Ydnar : Q3MAP2, misc textures. (www.shaderlab.com) Sock : tonnes of constructive crits(sock, mememe[at]simonoc[dot]com) Hipshot : Textures John Hughes Warren Williams Corey Peters : Arctic texture set Matt "Lunaran" Breit : CPM23 light texture Sergei "Zihaben" Starko : Green crate texture Mr Clean : More textures :) PJW : Ha more textures Rota : Nice black base texture ShadoW (Poland) : 2 crate textures And of course Id software Ok this time i think i got everyone.. if not.. im sure ill go to hell and get hunter by the doom marine as a grunt with a pistol, or an imp if im lucky. lol -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * THANKS * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All at quake3world.com esp Pjw, Hipshot, obsidian, AEon, g0th, obsidian well everyone (great advice) Levelmakers.com & nzgames.com, friends, family etc etc... If your still reading, well im impressed, i must confess i very rearly read these things when i download maps, mostly from lvl... great place to find really impressive inspiration... but if ya wanna help out with play testing etc come on over to quake3world.. there is something about bsp mapping i really enjoy. i guess i should learn a 3d program like maya or max... but ya know.. until i find a game which is more fun than quake3 for multiplayer.. well, i guess i will have to learn the new tools :) Rage looks interesting... Thanks for all the help and support, no really! :D RIP www.levelmakers.com :( -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * COPYRIGHT/PERMISSIONS * Copyright 2009 by Peter "fKd" Ward. All rights reserved. This package may only be distributed by means of electronic transfer, free of any charge to the recipient, and may not be modified in any way. All the files included in the original package must remain intact and unmodified. This package may not be distributed on any CD-ROM without the prior, explicit written consent of Peter "fKd" Ward.
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