Frozen Ice
Frozen_ice.pk3 ^Ghost

some shitty map info for those who are intrested...
Total Brushes: 3968
Total Entities: 195
Net Brush Count(non entity): 3760
func_door: 4
func_group: 5
info_player_deathmatch: 14
item_armor_body: 1
item_armour_shard: 10
item_haste: 1
item_health_mega: 1
item_health_small: 10
Item_quad: 1
ligt: 81
misc_model: 12
misc_tele_dest: 6
target_location: 1
target_postion: 1
target_speaker: 24
Trigger_hurt 4
trigger_multiple: 3
trigger_push: 2
trigger_tele: 6
weapon_bfg: 1
weapon_gernadelauncher: 1
weapon_Lg: 1
weapon_RL: 1
weapon_shotgun: 1
weapon_railgun: 1
weapon_PG: 1

Passge Portal Flow: 24034 (14880 seconds)
IlluminateRawLightmap: 13 seconds

idea came from my defrag map ghost-batcave..

it was actually an easy build considering i had the basic structural
layout already done in paint.
which u can find in the secret room.

i wanna give a special thanks to clans. MINIONS, DA, TP, .30,
special thanks to Bardok and Pornstar for getting me into mapping, and constantly helping me
except for those couple times u told me to fuck off and read the manual.. lol still love u tho :D

comments complaints or concerns.. you can contact me on msn at **email removed**