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Five Steps Ahead - Duel
----------------------------------------------------- General Info : Five Steps Ahead - Duel ----------------------------------------------------- Title: Five Steps Ahead - Duel Filename: pul1duel.zip Players: 2 player duel map - up to 5 for ffa Game: Quake 3 Arena Game mode: Duel Author: Hans "pulchr" Litgård eMail Address: **email removed** Website URL: www.pulchr.se Release Date: 2009-06-26 Version: 1.0 Buildtime: Lots of time Bot support: Yes Thanks: I would like to thank the people at The Rainbow Networks, LevelMakers and OpenArena forum for feedback and playtesting with me. And mchncl :D ----------------------------------------------------- Author's Notes ----------------------------------------------------- This map started out a around christmas 2008. The lack of fun duel maps for OpenArena led me to try and make one. Half way through I decided to use Quake 3 Arena textures so that it could be played in both Q3A and OA. I've had trouble with the VIS of the map and later when I was satisfied with the r_speeds I found out that Quake 3 only play sounds from visible areas, unless looped. This made the sound from the blue forcewalk fields kinda useless. So, I turned some structural brushes into details just to let the sound through :P Anyways... The map is released under the GPLv2 license if anyone wants to have a go at changing things. The .map and sources for textures can be downloaded at www.pulchr.se. Please send me a mail if you find bugs that affect the gameplay. Or if you know a solution for the target_speaker-problem. ----------------------------------------------------- Installation ----------------------------------------------------- Unzip pul1duel.zip in your baseq3 folder. ----------------------------------------------------- Copyright / Permissions ----------------------------------------------------- This map is released under the GPLv2 license. You may do whatever the license approves of. If you want to do something else with it please contact me. -----------------------------------------------------
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