Glassy Blue Labirinth
Map Name: Glassy Blue Labirinth
Zip file:
Custom textures: yes
Custom Shaders: no
Custom Skybox: Innermap don't needs it.

Music: Yes
Kind of map: SPACE | *,INNERMAP,* | HYBRID

This map was made only for duels. i putted myself a timelimit to made it to test my skills:
2 days. In fact (excluding packing time that, due to exams, i got forced to retard this) i made this simple small but nice looking map in only 2 days. The stucture is simple. Is a curved style labirinth where ppl can get a fine "quake phisic accelleration" due to "tracklike" tunnels. that give in a lot of parts the possibility to do it.
Weapons are railgun, rocket launcher, shotgun and plasma. There's plenty of armor and health. there're no mega health. But there are invisibility to move fast and unseen in tunnels, a 5hpX10secs regeneration and the quad damage. Some shortcuts are activated by passing from some hotspots to make the way to rail hard and to avoid ppl "raining" in the center. In the upperleft tunnel all the way is glassy. ppl under can see uppon and same for upon. that's good to make "traps".
This map means immediate action. There are two ways to get on the upper floor. Rocket jump in the powerup holes or use the wormhole corridoir. Between those two way to get up i'm not able to tell what's the one more safe... A long, long, and even long tunnel or immediate damage but fast on destination? Be or not to be?
The silly music keeps players nervous. With this map i wanted to express the true sense of "danger may be near" and i think that i've done it :)
The only "bug" is that wav is not 22K so there's a continuous message in the Q3 console repeating it...

I think this arena is more competitive than others i've published. More than gon3 and more than till the end (is *not* too heavy >.< i dunno what's ya config but i've a core duo and a GF 8800 GTS... i'd like to use it too...)

Reviewed by [LINK ]Pasquake[/LINK]; the author.